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    22 Gifts For The Hard-To-Shop-For Friend Who "Likes Experiences, Not Things"

    It's hard to shop for experience-lovers this year, but these fun online classes, pieces of outdoor gear, craft kits, and more should do the trick.

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    1. So You Want to Start a Podcast — a book to help them catch up with the rest of the world and start turning their personal experiences into #content. I'm running out of stuff to listen to, so tell them to get moving!

    cover of so you want to start a podcast

    2. A DIY hot sauce kit for the giftee who likes to live dangerously — in a culinary sense, that is. They'll be able to make their own sauces from cayenne, ancho, curry, and chili spice packs by following simple instructions and can even name them using custom labels. I'd call my first sauce "Devil's Saliva" — they can have that great idea for free.

    a variety of the different hot sauces created with the kit

    3. A beautifully illustrated write-in menu book so they can record and remember all of their soirées through the years. Once we can all gather again, you just know they're gonna want to remember all the beautiful meals they prepared for friends and family.

    watercolor illustrated cover of the menu book

    4. A We Are Knitters scarf knitting kit for crafting their very own winter-wear. Sitting by a fire stitching away will be a cinematic moment they'll enjoy, especially if they're just learning.

    5. An Udemy class so they can learn anything from photography to yoga to animation all in the comfort of their own home and on their own schedule.

    model aiming a camera

    6. A Friends friendship bracelet making kit for the fan who loves to craft for their — say it with me — friends. Making these while bingeing their favorite sitcom is sure to fill many blissful, laugh track-filled hours.

    7. A book on wilderness survival in case they want to test the limits of their ~experience~. You can't stop them from doing it, but you can try to get them to be as safe as possible!

    8. A sketch book and charcoal pencil set so they can translate the beautiful world around them onto the page — not to mention look very cool and artistic while doing so.

    9. A set of Table Topics that'll help them start interesting conversations with their friends and family, even over Zoom! A good conversation is one of the best things about life, so anything that can help get one going is an A+.

    10. Some daffodil bulbs they can get outside and plant *now* for a floral explosion come spring —something to look forward to!

    11. A wireless Bluetooth mic for your old karaoke bud who misses Sunday night singing sessions at the local dive. This should satiate them until you're able to belt "Born to Run" together again IRL.

    reviewer's black and pink microphones

    12. A LifeStraw personal water filter so you can always rest assured your adventure-prone person will have clean, fresh water to drink on their frequent hikes, as long as they bring this along in case of emergency.

    reviewer drinking from a stream with the lifestraw

    13. Or a Sawyer Squeeze water filtration system for more thoroughly planned treks like backpacking trips and weekend hikes. It's adaptable and easy to use in almost any situation. I've encountered some pretty sad excuses for water sources and have still been able to get liquid into the bag to be filtered and consumed.

    14. A Moleskine notebook for them to use as a journal of their current life and future journeys. They'll love this little artifact once it's full of their doodles, notes, and taped little mementos.

    black moleskin laid out on table

    15. A kombucha making kit, because making their fave strange and delicious fizzy tea using a benevolent floppy bacteria will be — in a few words — an experience!

    16. An Instax camera that'll let them capture and store their memories IRL — a novel concept! They'll for sure appreciate being able to snap pics without being glued to their phone.

    17. A pair of binoculars so they can spot landmarks, animals, and more on their long, meandering hikes.

    model holding small black binoculars

    18. And an Audubon Society bird field guide so they can figure out which creatures of flight they're actually seeing. No more being like "it's......a blue one?"

    19. A pair of Altra Lone Peak 4.5 trail runners perfect for running and hiking, and are even the preferred shoe of many backpackers thanks to their wide toe box, zero drop, and gaiter attachment points. A shoe worthy of any adventurer's feet.

    model running in red altras

    20. A Sur La Table online cooking class so they can mix up their quarantine menu and learn a few new skills along the way. Bonus points if it's a gift for your roommate so you *also* get to benefit from all the tasty dishes they make!

    model's hands kneading dough

    21. An ENO double nest hammock to help them commune with nature in the form of an outdoor nap. Naps are always good, but with a gentle breeze gently rocking their cozy cocoon? Heaven.

    22. Some trekking poles for anyone who's always on the move and looking for their next big trek. They'll love these when hiking for the assistance going up and perhaps even more for the relief on their joints going down. Even on flat hikes, they help with rhythm, pacing, and all-around getting in the ~groove~.

    Hope the giftees enjoy these experience and experience-adjacent presents!

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