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    29 Futuristic Beauty Products You'll Probably Wish You'd Known About Sooner

    *insert every lyric from "Year 3000"*

    1. A set of Mighty Patches to suck up the gunk in your breakouts, leaving your skin clearer and cleaner. Popping zits is so 2000-and-late.

    2. A Paula's Choice Antioxidant Pore Purifier from their Defense line, which is formulated to shield your skin against airborne pollutants — sadly a growing and lasting reality! 🙃

    3. A makeup eraser that bestows upon you the power to remove all of your makeup — even! waterproof! mascara! — with only *water*. Ummm NASA plz step your game up, this is the greatest technology ever created.

    4. A Milk Makeup mini holographic stick for making you look super cute while totally helping you blend in with the surely impending cyborgs until they become full-on replicants.

    5. A winged eyeliner stamp, because the absolute toil of hand-drawing perfect wings could and should be a thing of the past.

    6. A brush cleaning sponge so you can change eyeshadow colors with just a swipe. Remember when you had to wash brushes and wait for them to dry? I don't, it was literally so long ago.

    7. A Foreo Luna Mini 2, a vibrating face scrubber that is basically a robot butler for facial cleansing. During its 60 second program for removing makeup, oil, and dirt, it buzzes and lights up, telling you to move to a different portion of your face. Thanks, robot butler!

    8. A magnifying, light-up compact for both checking your makeup on-the-go and reminiscently gazing out your spaceship window back at planet Earth...everything you ever loved...now so small...

    9. A Kaja cheeky stamp so you can boldly rock a futuristic heart cheek ~or~ smooth it out into traditional blush until the world can handle your ❤️ fashion cheeks ❤️.

    10. A facial steamer, because hovering your face over a pot of boiling water has no place in The Future. The steam helps to unclog pores so you can better utilize the extractor kit that comes with the steamer as well. Dr. Who? Dr. You.

    11. An opalescent primer so your skin can have the opalescent glow that will be all the rage once robot beauty YouTube culture takes off.

    12. A rose quartz roller and gua sha whose dependability solidly lands it a place in your beauty routine for all time. Rocks will always rock your world (especially when they're said to help with puffiness, circulation, skin tone, and dark circles)!

    13. A Tangle Teezer rose gold detangling brush so you can painlessly unsnarl tangles. It also looks exactly how I predict all of our phones will look by 2021.

    14. An Ohii wake-up pen, because Lana wrote the lyric, "heaven is a place on earth with you" after a psychic vision of a future where a single cosmetic pen could banish under eye circles.

    15. A facial cleansing brush kit to scrub-a-dub-dub your whole body thoroughly with its full series of heads and attachments. If Dorothy got that Emerald City makeover today, they'd just give her one of these.

    16. A Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask that is perfect for intensely hydrating your thirsty skin here and now ~or~ in the coming time when global warming has destroyed Earth and we all literally live on the moon. It's dry up there!

    17. A water-activated powder shampoo — who could have predicted that timeless wonder liquid shampoo could ever be disrupted in favor of a more travel-friendly and str8 up fun option? Not me.

    18. A rose gold eyelash curler so you can update your tarnished 10-year-old curler with a sleek, modern one and still curl those lashes quickly and effectively.

    19. A Hairgurt creamy hair mask, because who hasn't looked at their yogurt and thought, "This is the final frontier of hair follicle hydration." It even comes in three flavors...ahem...~formulas~ to address every kind of hair issue!

    20. A John Frida hot air brush to stay on trend as double-acting inventions take the stage: a car that's also a bed, a taco that's also pizza, a hair dryer that's also a hairbrush!

    21. A Lipstick Queen "Frog Prince" lipstick that changes color based on your pH, making a ~custom~ hue unique to you! I never knew science could be so chic.

    22. A set of TWELVE bath bombs. Better stock up! I'm pretty sure bath bombs are going to be the first universal currency. Not to mention the swirly colors will make you feel like you're ~floating through the galaxy~.

    23. A magnetic face mask that defies gravity, both lifting surface impurities up up and away from your gorgeous face and replenishing it with carrot seed oil, sunflower seed oil, vitamin C, vitamin E, and argan oil. Step one: magnetic, flying face masks. Step two: magnetic, flying cars.

    24. An E.l.f. makeup eraser pen, because apparently enough people were using The Secret to manifest an easy solution to smudged eye makeup woes...and it worked?!

    25. A pack of precision cotton swabs. Yes — if you can believe it — we found a way to improve upon the humble cotton swab and make it an essential for any makeup bag.

    26. A bottle of Garnier micellar cleansing water, everyone's favorite all-in-one makeup remover and cleanser. Thank you, makeup technology, for finding a way to improve on good 'ol H2O.

    27. A tube of Stila liquid eyeshadow that is the solution to the fallout we've been suffering from using normal eyeshadow for eternity. It also comes in a variety of metallics for perfectly matching the metallic jumpsuits old sci-fi movies predict we'll all be wearing sooner than later!

    28. A bottle of Urban Decay's all nighter setting spray for literally taking your look into the future. Seriously...your makeup isn't budging for a while!

    29. A Birth of Venus jelly face mask from Lush whose fun jelly formula looks like something straight out of Twilight Zone. But, alas, it's not a fictional futuristic food — just a combo of sea water, lavender oil, and a fresh rose infusion that calms redness and reinvigorates the skin.

    Slay all the way to the year 3000.

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