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    15 Products For Anyone Who Loves Baking...But Who's Also Lazy

    🎶 cake cake cake cake cake cake 🎶

    1. A stainless steel rolling pin with adjustable discs so you can roll out your cookies to the perfect thickness while watching The Office for the 7th time.

    2. A stainless steel butter slicer to chop and dice the good stuff with ease. The only thing that could be easier than running a knife through butter is running multiple knives through butter simultaneously.

    3. A decorative pie crust impression mat that will cut down annoying decorating time and still impress your judgmental grandma. Smooshing dough is much easier than braiding dough. That's just a fact.

    4. An apple peeler to peel, core, AND slice your apples in seconds! No more staring wide-eyed at a pile of apples knowing there are miles to go before you eat pie.

    5. A silicone muffin pan so you don't have to line every stinkin' divot with paper or even remember to buy liners in the first place. Remembering things is for overachievers.

    6. A silicone baking mat that contains floury mess and turns the hour of post-baking cleaning time into an hour of post-baking nap time.

    7. A cake pan liner with handles so you can pluck your cake up like the delicate angel it is instead of running around the edge of the pan with a knife until the sun explodes and engulfs us all.

    8. An adjustable measuring cup that squeegees out its contents and laughs in the face of sticky liquids. Oh, you think it's gonna be hard to measure honey for sticky buns? YOU'RE WRONG, KAREN.

    9. A bench scraper which makes quick work of getting icing dangerously smooth. You legally have to put a yellow caution sign next to your cake so nobody slips.

    10. A set of spring-loaded cookie and pie crust cutters that give you cookie pleasure at the touch of a button!

    11. An electric citrus juicer for those days when you're craving lemon bars but don't want to stress out your delicate forearms. Rest easy, forearms. That's all in the past now.

    12. A jam maker that stirs and cooks all on its own and is sure to earn you maximum praise for minimal effort. Bow down mortals, I made this delectable jam myself!

    13. A cookie gun to effortlessly pipe your bakes into impressive, intricate designs. Hands up! Lemme put a cookie in your mouth.

    14. A strawberry huller for plucking the unmentionables from strawberries without having to cut off the entire top. You think I'm being lazy? I think you're being wasteful.

    15. An iPad and cookbook stand that lets you gaze lovingly at your recipes without having to pull up the right page over and over again like a version of Groundhog Day oddly set in a bakery.

    Ready, set...

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