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    27 Easy-To-Use Things From Target If You Were Too Lazy To Spring Clean

    You may have missed the Big Clean™️, but these simple organizers, wipes, sprays, and more will help you catch up.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An expanding bamboo spice rack that's an accessible entry for bravely taking on pantry organization. I personally just got my spices and sauces in order and let me tell you, it genuinely made my everyday life much better!

    an expandable, three-tier bamboo spice organizer

    2. Some classic disinfecting wipes because the only thing easier than using wipes to clean every surface in sight is snapping your fingers.

    tub of lemon-scented disinfecting wipes

    3. A Bissell pet hair erasing vacuum for quickly and easily getting the ever-present pet hair out of upholstery, carpet, and furniture. No more messing with those sticky lint rollers.

    A model using a handheld pet hair erasing vacuum to remove hair from a staircase

    4. A bottle of Scrubbing Bubbles since having the foam put in most of the elbow grease when cleaning your bathroom is preferable to putting your own elbows on the line.

    the green and orange bottle in front of a shower

    5. A Roomba robot vacuum to effortlessly tidy up your home with just the touch of a button. Listen, we basically live in the future. It's about time you have a robot cleaning for you!

    a black robot vacuum cleaning under the legs of a chair

    6. A power scrubber that will be *so* much easier and much more efficient than the old grimy toothbrush you normally use to scrub the minimum of one million times per inch of grout, just to make some headway.

    a model using the red and black scrubber to clean grout

    7. A Scrub Daddy because hand washing any nondishwasher-safe items that have stacked up in your sink will be much easier with this texture-changing sponge whose grin doubles as a utensil cleaner.

    a pink and yellow scrub daddy in soap

    8. A stove top cleaner to help keep your glass cooktop looking as shiny as the day you got it, with just a few sprays and swipes.

    the red and black spray bottle of cleaner on a shiny glass cooktop

    9. A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for using in practically every room to great effect. Pick up a four-pack of these easy-to-use sponges for shining up your bathroom fixtures, kitchen appliances, walls, and even your white sneakers!

    a model using the white sponge to clean tomato sauce off of a cooktop

    10. A packet of dishwasher cleaner tablets, because if the device you use to clean isn't clean itself... truly what's the point?

    the white tablets in blue packaging in front of a silver dishwasher

    11. A squeegee you can use to get your glass shower walls super duper clean during your spring cleaning bonanza and continue to use lightly for maintenance so they don't get as gross again.

    the white squeegee hanging in a shower

    12. A Mrs. Meyer's scent sachet for 60 days of delightful fragrance with truly no effort. When you were a kid and found a sachet in a drawer, you knew you were at a grown-up's house. Time to pick up the torch.

    Mrs. Meyer's honeysuckle scent sachet in a yellow duffel bag

    13. A pack of leather wipes to condition and clean your leather furniture — a task that previously felt impossible.

    the black and brown container of wipes in front of a leather couch

    14. A Dyson V8 stick vacuum since becoming an adult means being thrilled you have an easier, cooler way to pick up everyday messes. This cult-fave device is super easy to maneuver and store, really setting it apart from the pack.

    model using the cordless stick vacuum to vacuum crumbs under a high chair

    15. A classic Swiffer kit with wet and dry cloths that really needs no introduction. If you haven't tried this little wonder yet, all I can say is you're missing out. It's so easy to reach for the Swiffer to clean up little messes as they come up without having to get a full bucket and mop situation going. Truly, nothing else lives up to the efficiency of a Swiffer.

    swiffer with a wet cloth cleaning a floor

    16. A mini broom and dustpan because sometimes the simplest tool is ultimately the most effective. You're much more likely to pick up little messes as they come up if you don't have to bust out the vacuum.

    the black hand broom and dustpan

    17. A sanitizing spray to kill germs and keep 'em away for up to 24 hours. As if that wasn't good enough, its light citrus scent will leave your home smelling nice and fresh.

    a model holding the spray in front of a doorknob

    18. A wood polish and shine spray that will take the guesswork out of how to properly get your dull wood furniture looking A+ again. Just spritz this on and it's practically good as new!

    model cleaning a wood surface with the spray

    19. A pack of garbage disposal cleaners because if you smell a foul odor coming from your kitchen, there's a good chance it's coming from your disposal. Simply drop one of these cleaners in your skin, turn on the disposal, and voilà! No more stank.

    A model placing a garbage disposal cleaning pellet in the drain

    20. A toilet cleaning gel stamp for anyone whose least favorite cleaning task is scrubbing the john. Now if you can muster the strength to stamp a gel pack into your potty, you can check "clean toilet" off your to-do list.

    the toilet gel and stamper, with a small icon of the Scrubbing Bubbles mascot in the corner

    21. A wire utility rack so your cleaning supplies have a more stable and permanent location (than just *leaned up against whatever wall you were near when you last swept*) and are ready to deploy without much hassle. Step one of getting yourself to clean is knowing where your cleaning supplies are.

    a white wire organizer hung on a wall holding cleaning supplies

    22. An under-bed storage bin because imo organizing the items under your bed is preferable to getting rid of them. Make the best out of the space you have and don't feel bad about using it — that's my nonminimalist philosophy.

    A grey fabric under-bed storage bin

    23. A pair of drawer dividers to finally get your underwear and sock drawer looking like a place where you can find your essentials instead of a place where items you love are never seen again.

    a drawer divided into three sections with the two expandable organizers

    24. A makeup organizer with gold accents, because getting your tools organized can go a long way toward making your bathroom counter look cleaner.

    the clear acetate organizer with gold trim

    25. Or a wooden modular vanity organizer to give your bathroom counters a cool, finished look. It even has a magnetic strip inside of it so your hair clips will always be at the ready — no more stepping on a bobby pin every time you're in front of the mirror.

    the wooden organizer with different bathroom essentials in it land clips attached to the magnetic side

    26. A Dirt Devil vacuum that may be lightweight but is still mighty powerful. Best of all, it can convert into a handheld vac so if there's a mess nearby — big or small — there's a 99.9% chance you have the right tool to clean it up.

    27. And finally, a handheld label maker to introduce an undeniable element of fun to organizing, which might be the kick in the pants you need to get started.

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