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    This Tool Is Perfect For Dogs Who Hate To Have Their Nails Trimmed

    Are your dog's nails a little *ruff* around the edges? There's a solution!

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    We all know that dogs are the best thing about planet Earth, and being a dog owner is a constant, unmatched joy — that is, until you have to trim their nails...

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    They can get so long, you feel like you might need to make them wear shoes to keep from scratching up your nice floor.

    Enter the Dremel 7300 pet nail grooming tool ($30) — or more simply — the perfect solution to all your dog nail woes. Dog days are over, baby!

    The Dremel 7300 is a rotary tool that files your dog's nails rather than clipping them and risking hitting the quick. It's a safe alternative that both doggies and owners find less stressful.

    The tool is operated by a rechargeable 4.8-volt battery, *but* the charger is sold separately. You can get one for $12.99.

    People love what this tool does for their pup's health and their own peace of mind sooo much that out of over 4,000 people who reviewed it, 81% were four or five stars!,

    Promising review: "I couldn’t be happier with this Dremel nail grooming tool! I have two dogs, 20 lbs and 45 lbs (pictured). They are both scaredy cats when it comes to going to the groomers. It’s why I groom them myself. However, I couldn’t ever find the right tool for trimming their nails. Dog nail clippers either splintered their nails and/or left them super sharp. The Dremel nail grooming tool is the answer to my nail grooming problems! I’m so glad I got this. My only regret is that I didn’t get it sooner." —Nicole G

    These before-and-afters are a ~doggone~ miracle. Dixie, pictured below, is a flawless icon slaying the game with perfectly groomed paws.

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    Promising review: "I've had my dog Dixie since she was 5 (she is now 11). Ever since I adopted her the poor thing has had, what I like to call, her dragon claws. I have attempted for the past six years to get her nails trimmed and keep them short. Needless to say, my dog's anxiety about nail trimming has been a constant road block for not only me (with at home trimming) but also over half a dozen groomers and even my vet. At one point my vet prescribed medication to sedate Dixie before nail trimmings; it didn't work.

    Just before Christmas I happened to be surfing the pet supply section of Amazon when I came across this magical device. I will say that the first time it was a bit of a fight to get the job done. But with lots of persistence (and loads of treats) we were able to manicure her crazy paws.

    The picture reflects her nails after our third session. I would recommend this product any day of the week. Not just because it works so wonderfully but because my dog seems 100000% more comfortable and that means the world to me." —Bethany Boone

    Owners find that their beloved pets are much calmer around the Dremel than they are during a traditional clipping, especially when treats are involved! It also leaves a smooth finish, as opposed to the splintering that can come with normal clippers — which simply will not do!

    Raffertie Rosenbury /, emmy joy /

    Promising review (left photo): "It works great! My dog is a lab mix who isn't fond of nail trims but the motor on this tool is super quiet and powerful on 'low' mode. I barely touch it to her nails and it works great! She's very calm and is allowing me to help file her nails now! Yay!" —Raffertie Rosenbury

    Promising review (right photo): "I was tired of paying $15 for nail trims at our vet's office. I had a groomer friend teach me a few tricks with the Dremel and then we were good to go! The first couple times I turned on the Dremel, I did not use it on my dog's nails. I put it close to her turned it on and gave her a treat. A few days later we started actually using it and she got a small treat after each paw was done. I love that my girl can now run more comfortably and that her nails no longer make tons of noise on my wood floors! I did not have issues putting it together and it holds a charge well!" —emmyjoy

    Gaze upon this calm legend, handling trim time like the champion she is, and looking fly to boot!

    Gabi Campbell /

    Promising review: "Seriously the best item I've bought for my pets! Both of them hated the nail clippers. My dog on the video cried every time I cut her nails. Look how much she enjoys now! Plus the regular nail clippers crack their nails! This is genius!!!" —Gabi Campbell

    Treat your dog AND yourself to the stress-free Dremel way. And don't forget to show of those lil' paws to anyone and everyone you pass on walks!

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    Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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