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    27 Cute And Comfortable Pairs Of Shoes You Can Practically Dance All Night In

    *the river training scene from Dirty Dancing but starring you and your comfy shoes*

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    1. Platform pumps featuring foam padding so you can boogie-oogie-oogie all night long without the pain that normally comes with heels this high.

    2. Lightweight yet ~chunky~ T-strap platform sandals that you won't even feel as you disco until sunrise.

    3. Cut-out ankle boots with a small but mighty heel. Some lesser boots were made for walking, but these boots were made for springing into a moody line dance whenever a Kacey Musgraves song comes on.

    4. Pointed mules for gettin' down on the dance floor without gettin' major heel blisters.

    5. Heeled knitted booties so your feet can wear a literal sweater while shuffling off to Buffalo. Or β€” like one reviewer who swears by these babies β€” Coachella. Follow your heart!

    6. Slingback kitten heels whose cheery color will make any dance you do in them a Happy Dance.

    7. Faux suede round toe wedges to give you a little extra height while breakin' it down. Wedges are *so* much easier to wear all night, which means you'll never have to sit down at the dance party.

    8. Buckled heels whose sturdy, chunky heel guarantees that you can pop, lock, and drop it until your leg muscles give out.

    9. Criss-cross ballerina flats that will make you whisper "I was perfect," Black Swan-style, as you spin about the bar until last call.

    10. Pointed block heels with smooth faux suede sure to inspire some ~smooth~ moves to burst forth from those little feet of yours.

    11. Some lace-up Oxfords that'll keep you snug as a *jitterbug* in a rug as you show off all your vintage dance moves.

    12. Over-the-knee heeled boots, because pop sensations like you can't shimmy on up to the top of the charts while wearing painful shoes!

    13. Strappy flats that have palpable "fun guest at a wedding" energy. Look at these shoes. It's undeniable. They love to do the "Cha Cha Slide."

    14. Dansko clogs you could literally clog in if you really wanted to. I have several pairs of Danskos and they are my Certified Groovin' Shoes, they're so comfy. And trust me, I go HARD.

    15. Rhinestone ballerina flats whose flexibility is only matched by you when you're doing the splits. A lightly padded sole make these the perfect flats for all day, everyday wear.

    16. T-strap heels, because it takes two to tango: two comfortable shoes, that is.

    17. Naturalizer dress pumps that say "I played Cassie in A Chorus Line in high school, and I if I have one more gin and tonic, I will absolutely be recreating every dance number."

    18. Lace-up platform boots so you'll never be uncomfortable while getting your groove on at goth night.

    19. Some Mary Jane heels whose vintage flair (and soft, cushioned footbed) will help you play flapper until the break of dawn.

    20. Super wearable Everlane heels for making a "day to night" look actually possible β€” even if your day job is Secretary of Jigs and your night job is Keeper of Waltzes.

    21. Fitflop ballerina flats whose stunning gold will definitely draw eyes to where the magic is happening. Fitflop shoes are as comfortable as they get, which is really reason enough to jump for joy.

    22. Studded pumps so cool, you'll look like a dance professional even if you've got two left feet. Yeah, you're a choreographer β€” a choreographer of STYLE.

    23. Round toe flats with a memory foam insole that are basically mattresses for your feet. But no, it's not a dream, you really did just win that dance contest by doing the worm.

    24. Faux suede pointed toe flats you can easily time step in just to make sure everyone knows you took tap for one year when you were 7.

    25. Chunky heeled boots to protect your toes when you decide to go in the mosh pit (before quickly deciding it's time to exit the mosh pit).

    26. Lightweight, bejeweled heels that are LITERALLY made for keeping feet happy while ballroom dancing. *I'm pretty sure these are magical shoes that will turn you into a professional as soon as you put them on. (*This statement is in no way legally binding).

    27. Everlane flats made of 100% Italian leather whose glove-like fit will make you feel practically barefoot as you pirouette spontaneously. "I can't help it. I just feel so connected to the floor." β€”You, a true artist.

    You've got your comfy shoes β€” now get dancin'!

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