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    28 Brightly Colored Coats To Cheer Up Your Winter Wardrobe

    Is that the sun finally breaking through those gloomy clouds? Nope. It's you in a gorgeous yellow coat!

    1. A lightweight, water-resistant puffer coat to make you look like a pretty little pink cloud at sunset. It also folds into an included bag, so it can always be by your side.

    2. A striped shearling jacket whose snap closure is sure to keep the frigid breeze out whenever a cold *snap* rolls in.

    3. A structured fleece jacket so that you can look sharp while basically wearing a blanket out into the world.

    4. A double-breasted coat with amazing lapels. Look at those things! They'll cut right through your winter blues.

    5. A green shell coat with a fun, knotted closure you can crawl into like a turtle while you wait for the sun to come out.

    6. A fuzzy shearling zip-up with deep pockets because teddy bear chic is real and here to stay.

    7. An emerald faux fur for giving you all the convenience of a zip-up jacket while looking as luxurious as can be. Seriously, you'll look like an *actual* gem in this gem.

    8. A lightweight patterned puffer jacket to add a little springtime cheer to a dreary winter landscape. It's also *machine washable*, making it a rare and marvelous find.

    9. A yellow faux fur coat that's giving me "Big Bird as a social media influencer" vibes but in a very good way. Not to mention the huge pockets might actually fit your giant phone.

    10. A double-breasted wool trench with a tie-belt to really get you thinking: Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

    11. A sweet Peter Pan–collar coat people will crush on so much, it may make you *blush*. Not to mention that the monochromatic buttons will take your allegiance to millennial pink to the next level.

    12. A cropped high-collared lavender puffer because maybe invoking springtime flowers will make the warm weather come faster this year.

    13. A reliable, flannel-lined Carhartt jacket for staying super warm and adventuring out in the cold while still maintaining your bright aesthetic.

    14. A colorful button-up fleece that's the perfect choice when trekking up a snowy path or trekking right back into to your house to hide from the outdoors.

    15. A bright quilted parka with a faux fur–detailed hood for expertly combining heavy-duty color with a heavy-duty design that will actually keep you warm.

    16. An expressionist-inspired coat that is Picas*so*, so cute. Plus, it has pockets deep enough for all of your paintbrushes and colored pencils!

    17. A peplum pea coat sure to make you *belt* out a joyful holiday tune, because it's just that adorable.

    18. A bold mandarin-colored striped jacket whose warm fleece will make you say "Orange ya glad you actually dressed for the weather?"

    19. A unique purple checkered coat with snap closures and deep pockets. Now start your engines, because it's going to be a long winter!

    20. A rust-colored plaid coat with a dramatic collar for adding some cunning fox vibes to any cold-weather ensemble.

    21. A hot pink faux fur crop that'll melt all the snow in sight. Pop this on over any outfit to achieve the level of extra you're striving for in the new year.

    22. An orange fleece-lined drawstring parka so you can stand out amongst the hordes of people dressed in depressing black coats.

    23. A leopard print faux fur coat to give you the fierce spirit needed to power through the season. You'll never feel more glamorous than you do when you throw this on over your pajamas to strut to the corner store.

    24. A vintage-inspired double-breasted coat featuring shiny black buttons that will make you feel like Audrey Hepburn herself while strolling about town.

    25. A yellow hooded coat for transforming into a literal ray of sunshine just when people need it most. If the color alone doesn't make you smile, the big pockets and accent pleats should do the trick.

    26. A padded bomber jacket that everyone in your crew will want to buy. Matching outfits for your next Instagram photoshoot? I think YES.

    27. A cheery rainbow puffer with a high neck to keep the wind (and inevitable sadness about the cold) at bay. Elastic on the hem works double duty to keep frosty air out of your warm personal bubble.

    28. A pink faux fur shawl. Ok it isn't ~technically~ a coat, but it will keep you warm and COME ON. It's just so good.

    Winter lasts one million years. WE MIGHT AS WELL ENJOY IT!

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