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    29 Running Products From Amazon That Reviewers Absolutely Love

    On your mark, get set, fill your shopping cart!

    1. A FlipBelt so you don't have to carry anything while on your run. It has four pockets, which are perfect for your phone, gel packs, cards, keys — anything you need to store. It pulls on so you won't get chafing from snaps or zippers, and — most importantly — it's machine washable.

    2. A stretch out strap for giving your hammies and calves a good stretch before and after your runs. The strap helps you stretch in ways that just aren't possible without it, especially if you tend to be a little tight.

    3. A pair of running shorts you'll always want to have in your gym bag. They're breathable, don't ride up, and are the perfect everyday exercise short.

    4. A pair of calf compression sleeves to cut down on shin splints and leg pain. These are great for new runners whose legs aren't used to taking so much pressure and long-distance experts who can always use a little extra support.

    5. An anti-chafe balm because chafing is a Bond villain that must be defeated. Not today, chafe. Not today.

    6. A pack of NipEase stickers so you don't end up like Andy Bernard at the Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For The Cure. Together we can cure nipple chafing, one adhesive cover at a time.

    7. A sports bra that makes running WAY more comfortable for people with big boobs! It's wire-free, moisture wicking, machine washable, super stabilizing, and goes up to a size 50J. ALL of our prayers have been answered!

    8. A pair of capri leggings with two glorious pockets so your phone/keys/wallet can always be by your side. Shoutout to the MULTIPLE Amazon reviewers who put full-sized bottles of champagne in these pockets. Heroes.

    9. A pair of waterproof (read: sweatproof) Bluetooth headphones that keep a charge for a whopping eight hours so you can keep your pump-up playlist blasting during your entire workout.

    10. A roll of KT Tape for recovering like the pros. The tape helps reduce pressure and provide support anywhere you need it. From knee problems to shin splints, even blister protection — this tape literally has you covered.

    11. An Under Armour running shirt that wicks sweat like a beast and dries almost suspiciously quickly. Anti-odor technology in the fibers also keeps smell to a minimum which is good because — not to be rude but — you kind of stink.

    12. A muscle roller stick to work out the kinks after a tough run. Rolling before and after a workout is a great way to reduce pain and stiffness, and ultimately reduce risk of injury.

    13. An LED band for your wrists or ankles to ensure you're visible to cars, pedestrians, and bikers during your night runs. You can never be too safe!

    14. A pair of Oalka Power Flex Running Leggings with a hidden key keeper pocket. Simultaneously looking fly and not locking yourself out of your apartment is a goal only amazing runners like you can achieve.

    15. An insulated flask so you can stay hydrated during long training runs. It has a handle with an adjustable strap for grip-free running and a pocket to hold your phone, keys, and any other essentials.

    16. A basic t-shirt to keep you dry as hell on your run. With sweat-wicking power, a great color selection, and a long-sleeve option, you'll want one of these shirts for every day of the week.

    17. A sweat-wicking headband that will keep your hair out of your face and sweat out of your eyes while you pound the pavement. Sweat in the eyes is one of life's great annoyances, and now you'll never have to experience it again.

    18. A pair of blister resistant socks so you can jog freely knowing your heels will be A-ok and you won't have to drop fifty bucks on bandages when you get home.

    19. A multipack of Gu Energy Gel to give you that extra turbo boost during your long-distance runs. Where's the "Millennium Falcon in Light Speed" flavor? Oh, that's a legal issue? Ok, never mind.

    20. A microfiber towel that soaks up a ton of water and dries in a jiffy. It's the perfect gym towel for treadmill days *and* is easy to carry on the road with a handy carabiner.

    21. A hydration belt with a large storage pocket so you can keep hydrated, hands-free. It also has two interior pockets for card and key storage, a moisture-resistant pocket for your phone, two 10 oz bottles, and an elastic strap to keep it all on tight.

    22. A high-impact sports bra with adjustable straps to make sure you're all locked in when you head out to train. RIP painful boob bouncing, you will be missed by literally no one.

    23. A rolling foot massager that will just feel SO GOOD on your little tootsies. They deserve a nice little massage after all the hard work they put in. This should feel *especially* good if you have plantar fasciitis!

    24. A pair of quick-dry running shorts to keep things light and breezy while you work up a sweat.

    25. A pair of Brooks Ghost 11 women's running shoes or Brooks Levitate men's running shoes that are ultra-cushioned, breathable, and comfortable. Whether you're a casual runner or a devotee, having a good running shoe is crucial for protecting your feet and legs. If you think running "isn't for you," there's a chance you're just not wearing the right shoe!

    26. A cold *and* hot therapy wrap to treat your feet to a little R and R. Just pop the gel pack in the freezer to get a post-run cool down or heat it in the microwave for a relaxing compress.

    27. A lightweight tank top with a built-in bra that's the perfect 'fit for a light jog on a sunny day. Sidewalk or catwalk? Same diff.

    28. A pair of polarized, wrap-around sunglasses to keep your peepers protected from harmful UV rays. Their cushioned bridge will help them stay on no matter how speedy you are.

    29. A lightweight hat for keeping sun exposure to a minimum. Every color has a black underside to keep glare to a minimum. Glare might not sound like a big deal right now, but talk to me again at mile eight.

    Have fun. Be safe. Don't forget to carbo-load.

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