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    24 Products That Will Make Your Bedroom More Beautiful

    As someone who can watch HGTV for 12 hours at a time, I feel fully qualified to make some recommendations.

    1. A hanging canopy you definitely begged your parents for back in the day. Guess what? You're an adult now and can have the biggest, most dramatic canopy in the land.

    2. A knit throw that will keep you super cozy and add a little homey sophistication to wherever it lays.

    3. A canopy bedframe, because cubism is the latest trend in home decor. You can tell people you heard it here first!

    4. A sculptural carafe for your bedside water because it *may* be time to retire that giant plastic mug you got on a cruise ship in 2012.

    5. A geometric mirror to help you get your makeup on *point*...or several points.

    6. A dazzling light curtain that will transform your room from a dim cave into a twinkling wonderland.

    7. A pink Himalayan salt lamp so you can be bathed in a calming warm light whenever you please (all the time).

    8. A wood grain humidifier and diffuser for preventing your precious environment's air from getting dry, as well as making it smell incredible with essential oils.

    9. A vintage-style alarm clock to wake you up the old fashioned way while upping the aesthetic of your bedside table.

    10. A sophisticated tufted chair that's so charming, it might not even end up as the landing spot for not-quite-clean and not-quite-dirty clothes.

    11. A set of sheer linen curtains for adding a dainty flair to all the time you spend dramatically staring out of your bedroom window.

    12. A jewelry holder to proudly display all the accessories you hold *deer*.

    13. A tufted ottoman that hides clutter, provides more storage space for odds and ends, and is a great bed if you're Michael Scott.

    14. A timeless cherry vanity set so you can have a dedicated place for getting ready, even if you have roommates (or kids) that hog the bathroom.

    15. A supremely squishy rug with monochromatic line details you will be glad to sink your feet into first thing every morning.

    16. A leaning ladder as a minimalist ~step up~ from traditional organizers.

    17. A stringed photo display with clips because the most beautiful decor of all *dramatically holds back tears* is the memories of time spent with your friends and family.

    18. A modern lamp for shedding a little light on your steampunk-esque style. A set of Edison bulbs complete the look!

    19. A wicker basket to house spare pillows, blankets, or anything you like! Throwing things into a basket is 10/10 my favorite organizational method.

    20. Geometric wallpaper that speaks deeply to your need to add a bit of modern design into every corner of your space.

    21. A minimalist black and white duvet cover for keeping your bed appearing neat and orderly...even if you leave it a little disheveled.

    22. A selection of new glass hardware so you can add some ornate detailing to your dresser, vanity, or bedside table. They'll be the new crown *jewel* of your room.

    23. A faux fur stool that will give you a very literal warm and fuzzy feeling when you set your feet on it.

    24. A unique three-drawer dresser, because all of your stylish clothes deserve to be stored in an equally stylish dresser.

    You welcoming people into your new room:

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