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    20 Adorable (And Comfy) Things From Aerie You'll Want To Wear On Valentine's Day

    If your ideal date is a day spent inside (with your love or your pals) these bbs will keep you cozy and cute. 🤩

    Be sure to check out Aerie's full shipping information to ensure that your order will arrive in time for when you need it.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A corset mini dress, but worry not — the "corset" in question is just in the gorgeous seaming. You get the best of both worlds with a trendy corset look in a stretchy ribbed fabric.

    model wearing the hot pink dress

    2. A lightly lined bra with a touch of lace trim if you want to nod to V-Day by wearing your fave T-shirt bra instead of breaking out a whole dang lingerie ensemble

    model in lilac lightly lined underwire bra with lace trim

    3. A cropped mesh top that's a "choose your own adventure" in styling. Pair it over a bra or bralette for a sexier edgy look or over a cami to keep it chill.

    model in tan mesh long sleeve crop top with frilled hems

    4. An unlined scallop-edged bra if full frills aren't your deal but you *do* want a bit of a fun bra to put on. Scallops are a unique alternative and the soft fabric is comfy to boot.

    model in salmon underwire unlined bra with scalloped edges

    5. A zip-up ribbed velour sweatshirt jacket just as ready to go out as it is to stay in. An essential for any genre of date night.

    model in yellow ribbed velour zip-up cropped jacket with a collar and chest pockets

    6. And if you're feeling so bold, a pair of matching ribbed velour flares so you can rock a compliment-worthy full set.

    model in yellow ribbed velour flare leggings and matching top

    7. A mesh bodysuit to layer as the party of an outfit or don as a sleek piece of lingerie — it's up to you, my friend!

    8. Some adorable overalls if, like me, your ultimate idea of a romantic look is one where you feel most comfortable and at home. And this lilac shade is just too cute to pass up.

    model in lilac wide-legged overalls

    9. A velour zip-up hoodie for a rad throwback look that's back in full force. Remember when velour was the be-all, end-all of sexy daytime looks? Those days are here again.

    black velour zip-up hoodie

    10. A textured V-neck sweatshirt available in a poppin' pink to pair with jeans or even wear as PJs if there's a chill in the air on the 14th.

    model in hot pink textured v-neck sweatshirt

    11. A pair of fine mesh high-cut bikini undies so you can rock a sexy panty without messing with one million strings or itchy fabric. What a concept!

    model in hot pink mesh high cut bikini underwear

    12. And a matching mesh bralette to complete the look. Mesh really is the fabric of the season, so might as well lean in.

    model in mesh bralette that fades from lilac to lime green

    13. A waffled robe if self-care is the name of the game this Valentine's Day. Send me a face mask and bath bomb along with this robe, Cupid.

    grey waffled mid-thigh length robe with a waist tie and pockets

    14. A ribbed sweater and hoodie combo to serve as a quick put-together look to throw on *just* in case you get a last-minute V-Day Netflix and Chill text. Oh me? I was just sitting around in this casual-yet-cute fit.

    model in red ribbed sweater with a grey cotton hood and drawstrings

    15. A pair of lacy adaptive underwear because helloooo have you ever seen a cuter pair of underwear? The fact that they're a pair you would want anyway and they just happen to be adaptable for you? Heaven.

    16. A ribbed bra top with a full lace back you can rock either as a top or as an undergarment depending on your vibe. Either way, it's comfy, sweet, and a great addition to your bralette collection.

    17. A pair of wide-legged sweatpants for anyone who is dead set on snuggling up with a bowl of popcorn and their favorite romantic comedies. Alexa, play 27 Dresses.

    model in gray sweatpants

    18. A super cute fuzzy cropped cardi to put the finishing touch on your romantic fit, whether it's on top of a mini dress or buttoned with your best Levi's.

    model in lilac fuzzy cropped button-up cardigan

    19. A pair of crossover flares if you've decided that leggings ARE your Valentine this year.

    model in black flare leggings with a cross-front waistband

    20. And finally a pair of colorblock crew socks as a little V-day gift from you to you. We're adults now. Socks are the best gift. It's time we accept it.

    ribbed crew socks with green toes, olive heels, confetti speckled white middles, and pink tops

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