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    60 Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

    From a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to a super luxurious pajama set, you'll be sure to find the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

    1. A bouquet to showcase your appreciation for your S.O. with beautiful roses. One can dream, am I right?

    multicolored bouquet of roses

    2. A super luxurious set of bath and shower oils to upgrade any bath or shower into a relaxing aromatherapy experience.

    the bath and shower oils

    3. A personalized face cookie because what's better than a cookie with your S.O's face on it? Just send in a photo of your loved one and the bakery will hand ice it onto a cookie!

    4. A short-sleeve pajama set so comfy your loved one will feel like they are wrapped in a cloud of comfort.

    a model wearing the pajamas in black and white

    5. A luxury Boy Smells Cedar Stack candle with notes of floral, cedar chips, dried tobacco, and peppercorn for lighting on a cozy at-home date night while you cuddle and watch your favorite movie.

    The candle

    6. A personalized engraved cutting board to add a memorable touch to any cooking session. Use it for cooking or to display your top-notch charcuterie board.

    the cutting board with Laurie and Michael Miller, 5-19-18 engraved into it

    7. A custom phone case with their name on it that'll get compliments from everyone who see it. Plus, you can design it with lots of cool fonts, patterns, and colors.

    four different cases patterned in silver glitter, with white lettering, with a black and white stripe, and monogrammed.

    8. A dazzling ombre birthstone ring plated in 14k yellow gold, so they'll be able to proudly sport it all year round without worrying about it tarnishing or losing its sparkle.

    The 12 ombre birthstone rings in a line

    9. A satin pajama set so lavish, it will feel like the smoothest velvet on their skin.

    10. Or a splurge-worthy set of Skims silk pajamas that'll have them drifting off in a sea of buttery-soft, stretchy, and luxurious fabric.

    11. Or a silk pajamas-scented candle to provide all of the lush vibes of silk pajamas in a more clothing optional kind of way.

    Silk pajamas candle

    12. A face mask set for having a romantic spa night at home. Each mask has a unique purpose like detoxifying, brightening, clarifying, and hydrating.

    The mask set

    13. A customized Morse Code necklace to send an extra special message to your loved one. Only the two of you will know what it says.

    a person wearing the morse code necklace in gold

    14. A Maison Margiela Bubble Bath fragrance that smells SO yummy, your loved one will be excited to wear it. I personally own this fragrance and it's incredible.

    the fragrance

    15. A Canon EOS Rebel SL3 camera to capture all of your adventures, date nights, and travels together! Plus, it's also a fabulous gift for a budding photographer or someone who's looking to gain photography skills.

    16. A personalized wine box to celebrate your love (and love of wine) with your S.O. It's a perfect place to store your wine for usage or to stash a special occasion bottle. You can also bring it with you on picnics!

    the wine box

    17. A monthly bouquet subscription that arrives with different flowers each month for a unique surprise. There is truly nothing more romantic than fresh flowers from you at their doorstep every month.

    a bouquet of colorful flowers displayed on a table

    18. A set of macaron soy candles to combine their favorite things: dessert and ambient lighting. Hello, adorable relaxation.

    Assorted macaron candles

    19. A handwritten card with a love letter from you written inside, because it's a super thoughtful gift that will definitely be appreciated.

    a card with a pop-up of the saying love you more

    20. An impossibly soft Brooklinen plush robe that they'll want to live in for the rest of their life.

    21. A set of kissing mugs to enjoy your morning cup of coffee or tea together. Double points if you bring said cup of coffee or tea to your S.O. in bed.

    22. A Barefoot Dreams blanket that's irresistibly soft and perfect for around-the-clock cuddling. It's ~so~ cozy that Chrissy Teigen herself raves about it.

    23. A Lush Cosmetics gift set with a bubble bar, a bath bomb, a shower gel, and a lotion to create a relaxing lavender oasis before bedtime to unwind after a long day.

    the gift set

    24. A Book of the Month subscription so your loved one will always have something new to read. Each month they can choose a new title from a list of five new reads. If they don't like that month's selection, they can skip it! And if they're torn between multiple books, they can add them on to their order.

    Model reading a blue book sitting in a velvet chair with a plant and candle next to them

    25. A bottle of "Love Osmanthus" by Atelier Cologne, a perfume that balances peach and lemon with cedarwood, so they can bask in warm and summery vibes, even if it's February.

    Bottle of "Love Osmanthus" perfume next to flowers and a slice of lemon

    26. A customized bracelet made with your actual handwriting to inscribe a personalized message to your loved one.

    27. An 100 dates scratch off poster to revamp your dating game. Do activities like a virtual cocktail making class, going for a walk on the beach, visiting a botanical garden, and more.

    The board

    28. A heart-shaped rose quartz gua sha because they're obsessed with skincare and you love that about them.

    29. Or a heart-shaped succulent that'll fit perfectly on your loved one's windowsill or desk. It's perfect for the budding plant parent or for adding a cute addition to your at-home window sill garden.

    the heart-shaped succulent in a white vase

    30. A beautiful Penguin Classics box set of Jane Austen novels because you two are an iconic and otherworldly match just like Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy (though hopefully less stubborn).

    Jane Austen box set by Penguin Classics

    31. A bathtub caddy tray to help make their bath time super relaxing. It can hold your electronics, candles, wine glasses, and more.

    the bath caddy with wine, an iPad, a rose, and candles on top of it hung over a bathtub

    32. A customized passport holder for all of the future adventures the two of you will take together.

    the passport holders in black, gray, pink, and white in gold font.

    33. A weighted blanket that'll feel like a soft warm hug — a thoughtful gift for your long-distance S.O. Plus, it'll help encourage deep, restful sleep.

    34. A box of Godiva Chocolate because Valentine's Day is the perfect day to dive into a box of chocolate together. Add a bottle of wine and your favorite Netflix show for an amazing evening at home.

    the box of chocolate

    35. Or a gummy sampler board for a Valentine that prefers fruity sweets over chocolate. This is definitely a creative spin on a traditional heart-shaped box!

    Hand reaching for rainbow candy from assortment on a baord

    36. A luxurious silk eye mask that'll help your loved one achieve the dreamiest beauty sleep.

    Model wearing the gold version

    37. A Le Creuset dutch oven to revamp their kitchen endeavors. They'll be so excited to use it and you'll be so excited to ask "what's cookin' good lookin'?" while they do. Now that's a win-win!

    38. A "Love Letters" candle because even though you two don't write letters to each other, you both look forward to those sweet texts throughout the day. This just smells a lot better.

    "love letters' candle surrounded by paper hearts

    39. A pair of Ugg sling-back shearling slippers that'll feel like a warm hug on their feet. The most perfect addition to every single cozy outfit.

    the slippers in black

    40. A create your own reel viewer for replaying some of your favorite memories together. Pop the reel into the viewer and be transported back to your favorite times together.

    Four reel viewers

    41. A lingerie set from Adore Me to make them feel sexy, empowered, and excited (to wear it in front of *you* hopefully).

    42. A personalized bar-shaped necklace that will show your S.O. how much they mean to you with your customized engravings. Put their name, the day you met, the coordinates of where you met, and more.

    the personalized bar necklaces in gold, rose gold, and silver with custom engravings

    43. A custom illustrated portrait of the two of you so you can remember your favorite memory with a special memento.

    Illustration of a couple

    44. A