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    28 Things Worth Splurging On At Wayfair’s End-Of-Year Clearance Event

    Trust me, there are ~so~ many amazing finds.

    In case you need an excuse to redecorate your home, Wayfair is having an absolutely amazing End-of-Year Clearance sale on furniture, appliances, decor, rugs, and more.

    Since it can be pretty overwhelming to see all the ~amazing~ deals, here are some options to get you started.

    1. A patio sectional with comfortable cushions to turn your backyard into your own personal oasis. Perfect for warmer months when you want to sit outside to read a book, work, or relax.

    the patio sectional in brown with cream cushions

    2. A rug with a watercolor inspired design to introduce a pop of color and pattern to any room. Plus, it's 90% off so it's a real steal!

    the rug with a blue watercolor design in a living room setting

    3. A floral multicolor rug that adds a beautiful pop of bright color to any indoor or outdoor area. The vibrant floral print can really take any space to the next level.

    the rug in the color multi in a living room

    4. A velvet reversible sectional with lots of seating for at-home family movie nights. The versatile color of the couch would truly look perfect in any room.

    the couch in grey shown in a room with a coffee table and chandelier

    5. A swivel barrel chair with a trellis pattern that's super comfortable and will easily become your new favorite spot to sit, read, or watch TV.

    the chair in beige/white

    6. A wingback chair with buttons along the backside that's so comfy, you'll want to spend all day cozied up in this chair with a candle lit beside you and a book in hand.

    the chair in grey with a blanket draped over it

    7. An area rug with a subtle geometric pattern and neutral coloring so you can easily place it into any room. It's also stain-resistant and will feel super plush on your feet.

    the rug in beige/light gray shown in a living room setting

    8. A glass coffee table with a simple, understated modern design that looks ~way~ more expensive than it actually is.

    the coffee table with decorations on top of it

    9. A wooden TV stand with two large cabinets and cable management cutouts for providing tons of storage in any room. Hide cable wires, store movies, and display books to help make your room look super neat.

    the tv stand in gray

    10. A Staub cast iron round dutch oven (for over 70% off!) for cooking and baking all of your favorite hearty meals and baked goods. Think stews, roasts, soups, casseroles, breads, and more.

    the dutch oven in red surrounded by vegetables

    11. A Cuisinart convection bread maker so you can ~finally~ master the art of baking bread. With 16 menu options, baking fresh, homemade bread has literally never been easier.

    the bread maker

    12. A double cereal dispenser to dispense cereal, legumes, nuts, and more in a breeze. The pre-portioned sizes make it perfect for kids to serve themselves.

    the cereal dispenser filled with cereal

    13. A smart coffee table with a refrigerated draw, two bluetooth speakers, two USB charging ports, four outlets, and LED lights to ensure that you have ~everything~ that you could possibly need in your living room. Perfect for storing freshly chilled wine and drinks, charging your computer or phone, and playing music for an impromptu dance party.

    the coffee table shown with the drinks inside the fridge drawer, the two outlets on the side, and the two drawers for storage

    14. A TV stand with a build-in electric fireplace so you can stay warm and toasty while watching your favorite movies or TV shows on Netflix.

    the tv stand in barnwood with the fireplace lit up

    15. An 13-piece Cuisinart stainless steel cookware set to provide all the tools you need for basically everything in the kitchen. Think virtual cooking classes, experimenting with new foods, or just cooking yourself a home cooked meal.

    the cookware set

    16. A 3-in-1 convertible crib that can transform from a crib to a toddler bed or day bed. It will last you through multiple stages of your child's life.

    the crib in a nursery

    17. An upholstered bed frame with a headboard to make your bedroom look and ~feel~ like you're in a luxurious hotel. Plus, the four draws in the base make it super functional too.

    the bed frame in a gray color with three of the drawers displayed

    18. A Keurig coffee maker so you can have your daily dose of caffeine in the comfort of your own home while wearing your pajamas. Make coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or iced beverages with the touch of a button.

    the coffee maker on a counter

    19. A writing desk with gold accents, round knobs, and an x-framed sides to make your office into a place you ~actually~ want to work. This stylish desk adds a touch of sophistication and a gorgeous pop of color to any office space.

    the desk in navy blue

    20. A square tufted ottoman for creating a place to store ~all~ your fuzzy blankets. Plus, it provides a great place to put your feet up.

    the ottoman in dark brown

    21. A desk chair for sitting comfortably while you work from home. This is equipped with great lumbar support so that your back won't ache from sitting down after, oh, about five seconds.

    the chair in black with chrome detailing

    22. A full length mirror for capturing all of your super chic OOTDs. Since we're all home, you might as well take some quality content for the 'gram.

    full length mirror with a rounded top

    23. A 4-light pendant fixture with a geometric shape because it looks exactly like something Joanna Gaines would have in her home.

    the light fixture in a bronze color

    24. An arched floor lamp to provide the perfect golden light for your reading nook.

    the lamp in brushed brass with a clear glass

    25. A freestanding acrylic bathtub that's perfect for taking a relaxing bath after a long day. Light some candles, grab a glass of wine, and put on a delicious smelling diffuser and you'll instantly feel relaxed.

    the white tub

    26. A bathroom vanity with a mid-century modern look to make any bathroom look instantly upgraded. I mean seriously, how sleek is the design on this vanity?

    the vanity with a brown cabinet, white sink, and black faucet

    27. An IRobot Roomba robot vacuum to save you time and energy on cleaning up. Just run it on any carpet or floor and watch it vacuum away the mess.

    the robot vacuum cleaning up crumbs on the floor

    28. A Nespresso Verturo espresso and coffee machine so you can have a fresh cup of coffee or espresso at any time. Plus, it also comes with a milk frother so you can ~really~ let your inner barista out.

    the coffee machine in piano black

    Don't forget to check out the rest of Wayfair's End-of-Year Clearance sale! There are tons of deals on decor, rugs, kitchen appliances, furniture, and more.

    You, after seeing all of these amazing deals.

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