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    18 Of The Most Important Moments In "Virgin River"

    Honestly, there are SO many good ones. Season 3 can't come soon enough!

    Virgin River is one of Netflix's most binged dramas on the service, so here are the most pivotal, important moments of the show for anyone who wants to relive the magic or spoil themselves completely.

    Courtesy Netflix


    1. When Mel and Jack ~basically~ get kidnapped by drug dealers in Season 1. She has to save Calvin's life or else!

    Mel and Jack sitting outside in the snow

    Can you even imagine moving to a new town and having that happen?

    2. The flashback of Mel going through losing her child.

    Mel's husband holding her in a flashback image

    While finding out what happened was incredibly sad, it helped us understand how strong Mel is and some of why she came to Virgin River in the first place.

    3. Mel and Jack's dramatic first kiss. The moment we had been waiting for ~all~ of Season 1 had finally happened, and boy, was it dramatic.

    Mel and Jack looking deeply into each others eye before they kiss

    4. When the family comes in super sick, and Mel and Doc need to figure out why.


    Thankfully, they ended up figuring out that it was water contamination from Calvin's operation, because they saved their lives. What a crazy moment.

    5. The entire Mingle dance in Season 1.

    Preacher and Paige at the dance

    There were so many things that happened in that super-short amount of time!

    6. When Jack finds out in Season 1 that Charmaine is pregnant with his baby.

    Charmaine having a conversation

    After this, things get ~super~ complicated for Jack and Mel.

    7. When Hope accidentally spills the secret to Mel of Charmaine being pregnant.


    She assumed that Jack had already told her and, ya know, brought it up to her. Whoops!

    8. And, in Season 1, when Hope and Doc finally get together after all of the divorce drama.

    Hope and Doc deciding to be together

    9. When Leo attacked Mel at the clinic while looking for opioids. Thankfully, Jack was nearby and heard Mel screaming.

    Mel covering her mouth in fear

    10. The confrontation between Calvin, Jack, and Brady after Mel was attached by Leo. One word: intense.


    11. When Mel and Jack finally (!!) agree to be together in Season 2.

    Mel and Jack talking and kissing at the bottom of a staircase in the bar

    12. When Paige accidentally kills her abusive ex-husband and Preacher helps her cover it up.

    Paige telling Preacher what happened to her ex-husband
    Virgin River

    Seriously, one of the craziest moments in the entire series.

    13. When Connie shares her story of abuse with Preacher.

    Connie in her shop with a serious look on her face

    She ends up being a great ally for him and Paige.

    14. When Jack and Spencer conspire to bring down Calvin's entire drug operation in Season 2.

    Jack and Spencer talking

    They ~almost~ got away with it, until Spencer mysteriously went missing.

    15. When Brady decides to save Spencer (and send him off to the police to report on Calvin's entire operation) instead of killing him in Season 2.

    Brody in the dark faced with having to kill Spencer

    16. The entire plotline between Lizzie and Ricky.

    Lizze and Ricky about to kiss

    Truthfully, there were SO many cute moments, it's hard to choose just one.

    17. When Hope and Doc ~finally~ decide to admit to everyone that they are together.

    Hope and Doc talking to each other

    18. And, of course, the end of Season 2, when we find out that Jack got shot.

    Mel holding pressure on Jack's as he bleeds from getting shot

    I have so many questions! Is Jack OK? Who shot him? I need to know!!

    What are your favorite moments in Virgin River so far? Let us know in the comments!