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    Just 16 Bags From Target That Are Both Stylish And Useful

    Turns out carrying one of these every day can make a *huge* difference.

    1. A mini square backpack that's begging to be taken on your next adventure. Also, it's the cutest thing ever! Not only does it fit just about everything, but it also has padded shoulder straps to make carrying it around as carefree as possible.

    2. A soft weekender bag because you should *always* have one at the ready for spontaneous vacays or overnights at your friend's place!

    3. A quilted satchel bag to be paired with all your stylish outfits. With gold-toned hardware and a single strap, it'll also stay perfectly in place when you're out so you don't have to worry about losing anything.

    A coral orange quilted satchel bag

    4. A fluffy tote because it'll feel like you're carrying around an über-cozy pillow. Plus, the bag has multiple pockets inside so you can store all your everyday essentials like lip balm, your planner, and a bag of almonds.

    the tote in pink

    5. An oversized fan purse that might become a bottomless pit but *will* hold everything and anything that you need. Water bottle? Check. Snacks? Double check. Laptop? Triple check.

    the light brown tote bag

    6. A mini flap backpack that will fit all your on-the-go makeup, snacks, and other essentials for your day on the town. It also has a perfectly-sized, quick-access front compartment for your phone, charger, headphones, or keys!

    7. A super trendy top handle purse because it's a) as chic as can be; b) made with a clean, crisp design and c) practical for everyday use. What more could we ask for in a bag?

    the beige crossbody

    8. A messenger bag to hold all of your *very* important work papers. It has a padded laptop pocket and two extra storage pockets so you never have to worry about fitting all your office essentials.

    The black messenger bag has a light brown accent on the front zipper pocket, handle and strap

    9. A crossbody mini purse for securing ~all~ the essentials ahead of a night out (think: your favorite lip gloss, phone, keys and wallet).

    Black purse

    10. An overnight bag because it's functional and spacious enough to hold all your travel essentials without sacrificing style in the slightest.

    11. A timeless alligator-print handbag that'll instantly make you feel like a BOSS every time you wear it. It has multiple open compartments plus a zippered one, so storing your wallet without fear of it falling out while you're out running errands is an easy feat. Also, the straps are adjustable!

    the black alligator print handbag

    12. A ruched chain shoulder bag to hold all your date night essentials. Did we mention that the chain can be removed so you can turn it into a clutch?

    the bag in blue

    13. A fanny pack so you can remain unencumbered on your city adventures, at music festivals or just during your daily walks with your dog (you can use it to hold poop bags, treats, or other doggie necessities).

    14. A combination tote bag and backpack because sometimes you feel like carrying a tote and sometimes you feel like carrying a backpack. It comes in a variety of colors, patterns and textures and will keep your ID, laptop, credit cards, money, water bottle and punch cards in a secure place on those especially busy days. Plus, its many pockets and organized interior will put an end to digging around in the abyss of your purse for coins or misplaced credit cards!

    15. A striped wood-bead crossbody that's made specifically to hold your phone. Say goodbye to dropping it all the time because now you'll have a designated spot to hold it.

    16. A boho circular shoulder bag that'll make the perfect beach or farmers market companion. Throw in your towel and book or use it to carry home your small assortment of fruits and veggies.

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