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    31 Stylish Products From Walmart That'll Help You Make Easy Improvements To Your Kitchen

    Small additions, big results.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A standing spice rack to finally organize your disaster of a spice collection. One you get those in order, your kitchen will feel brand-new, trust me.

    the wire spice rack with unlabeled spice bottles on it

    2. A set of retro-inspired floral print kitchen towels that'll add a pop of color to your neutral kitchen decor. The bright pattern will instantly change up the feel of the entire room.

    the kitchen towel set with one red and white towel, one yellow with polka dots, and one blue with a red and yellow flower pattern

    3. A 16-piece set of cotton dishcloths in gorgeous pastel colors, so you can finally get rid of those old, ripped ones. These are super absorbent, too!

    the pastel colored dishcloths next to a dinnerware set

    4. A 16-piece square stoneware dinnerware set that you can keep on your kitchen table even when you aren't using it, because its deep colors and modern style just make everything feel fancy.

    the red and black dinnerware set with salad and chicken on the plate

    5. A 2-quart air fryer so charming-looking, you can *pretend* you upgraded your entire kitchen with new appliances. Use it to toast, dehydrate, make fried-but-not fried food, crisp up french fries, create super crunchy veggies, and more.

    the light blue air fryer next to fries and chicken tenders

    6. A stackable bamboo wine rack for organizing ~all~ those bottles you've got lying around all over the kitchen. Buy two of these five-bottle racks and line them up vertically or horizontally to create a gorgeous storage solution.

    two of the wine racks stacked next to each other with one wine bottle in each side

    7. A colorful Pioneer Woman cutlery block set to upgrade those boring old kitchen knives you've had for centuries. These are real show-stoppers, don't you think?

    the floral knife set in a block holder

    8. A 10-piece ceramic nonstick cookware set, because Grandma's old hand-me-down set that you've had for years is ready for its replacement.

    A colorful 10-piece cookware set

    9. An electric spiralizer that will help you create fancy dishes like zucchini pasta, carrots for your favorite salad, and beet noodles for all your celebratory summer gatherings.

    the spiralizer

    10. A nonstick double burner griddle with metal handles to craft the perfect pancakes, tacos, or stir-fries without the mess all over your stove. Think about how much you can do (and eat) in the time you would've spent cleaning!

    a flat griddle with meat and vegetables on it

    11. A three-shelf rolling cart that has tons and tons of storage space and a 500 pound weight capacity. It'll be like you just added in an entire new unit of cabinets in your kitchen.

    the rolling cart with kitchen utensils and tools on it

    12. An electric peeler, because peeling potatoes, apples, and other fruits and veggies should be a breeze. Just place the fruit or veggie into the peeler's arms and watch it do it's thing. It might just be considered sorcery.

    the black electric peeler peeling a potato

    13. A brightly colored Lodge Dutch oven that'll make the perfect sourdough bread, cook up a delicious hearty stew, and so much more. Plus, since Dutch ovens last a ~long~ time, it'll get tons of usage.

    a red dutch oven holding mushroom risotto

    14. A three-tier basket stand, so you can display your fruits and veggies in an aesthetically pleasing, charming-country-market-type way. And think of how much clearer your counters will look!

    the baskets with vegetables in it

    15. A 20-piece Pioneer Woman gadget set that has everything you need to upgrade your kitchen tool game. It's gorgeous floral design and bright colors are easy on the eyes, too.

    a 20-piece kitchen set displayed on a cutting board

    16. A Pioneer Woman coffee pod organizer, because coffee is an essential part of your morning routine and having your favorite thing organized will drastically change your kitchen (and life).

    The wooden organizer with a drawer and four internal compartments

    17. An electric waffle maker that's capable of cooking expert-level Belgian waffles in the comfort of your own home. *And* the clean-up is super simple, too!

    the black appliance cooking a waffle

    18. A Cuisinart bread maker, because you deserve homemade bread every day, not just when you have a lot of free time. Trust me, get this and you'll *never* purchase store-bought bread ever again — especially given how easy this is to use.

    Bread maker

    19. A KitchenAid pasta roller and cutter mixer attachment that's perfect for leveling up your cooking game. This handy attachment will help you easily make fettuccine, spaghetti, and more.

    the attachment connected to the mixer making pasta

    20. A Nespresso machine to upgrade your at-home coffee game. With endless delicious preparation options, you're morning cup of joe has never tasted better! Plus, you can ~finally~ start saving money by skipping those never-ending Starbucks runs.

    A Nespresso machine

    21. A kitchen cart with built-in towel rack and side storage that's both functional and useful. If you've been looking for more counter and cabinet space, this is for you. Did I mention it can also be used as a coffee cart?

    white cart with natural wood top

    22. A 42-piece food storage container set so it's *that* much easier to keep leftovers fresh. Plus, less cleanup time for you, ya know?

    the food storage set

    23. A Ninja three-in-one blender that'll truly make your life waaay easier. Craving a smoothie? It can do that. Feeling too lazy to mix dough? You know it'll do that. It even has five Auto-iQ® programs, so you can adjust the blending for your specific needs.

    A person pouring a smoothie into a cup from a blender

    24. A Hamilton Beach indoor electric grill for when you're craving a burger or bbq chicken but don't want to stand outside in the sweltering heat (or winter cold) to make one.

    the indoor grill with food on it

    25. A cast-iron skillet that's large enough to cook for all your friends or family (or to make tons of leftovers). Since it's made of cast iron, it will evenly distribute heat from the bottom to the sides so you'll always have perfectly cooked meals.

    A cast iron skillet

    26. A chic cake stand by The Pioneer Woman, so you can put all your deliciously baked cakes on display for all to see.

    white cake stand with glass cover on a table, cake inside

    27. A wooden serving bowl to add a touch of modernity to your counter and provide you with a fabulous place to store the random fruits (you know you have them!).

    wood bowl on a table with oranges inside

    28. A spice jar set from The Pioneer Woman, because your spices should look as good as they taste. These are cute *and* will look fabulous in your boring spice rack.

    the spice jars, which have embossed glass bodies and colorful tin screw-on tops

    29. A set of five clear stackable glass canisters, so you can turn your pantry into something The Home Edit would be proud of. Also, think about how much easier it'll be to find everything you need once everything is in these clear containers.

    30. A 10-gallon stainless-steel step trash can so sleek, you'll wonder how you ever used any other garbage can. It's a work of garbage can art!

    stainless steep step trashcan sitting next to a white kitchen counter

    31. A pair of glass apothecary jars because your kitchen deserves to be reminiscent of an old-fashioned candy store.

    glass jars full of candies and snacks sitting on shelves

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