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    I Got An Ooni Pizza Oven And It's A Game-Changer For Outdoor Summer Gatherings

    "This pizza oven is a game-changer if your family is always hosting or loves outdoor summer activities."

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    Since it's gotten warm outside, my family and I have made it our mission to spend as much time as possible outdoors. In the past summers, we spent many, many days BBQing and decided this year it was time for a change. After deliberation amongst ourselves, we settled on getting an outdoor pizza oven.


    We wanted something that's made for the outdoors and can be used at family gatherings.

    Family and friends of mine raved about the 12" Ooni Koda Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven ($349 from Ooni), so after reading over tons of positive reviews I decided it was time to take the plunge.

    the ooni pizza oven
    Rachel Dube / BuzzFeed

    Spoiler alert: After using it for a bit, I can confidently say we love it.

    "Perfect right out of the box. Easy to use, makes delicious pizza in 60 seconds!!" —Anthony L.

    "We love the portability of our Ooni. Makes our pizza look professional." —Janet A.

    "Makes the best pizza and so fast! If you’re on the fence, buy it!" —Whitney W.

    I've had this pizza oven for about two months now, and I can honestly say I am obsessed with it. It makes incredible pizza — as good as if I went to a pizza place — and is super easy to use.

    the pizza oven with pizza cooking inside of it
    Rachel Dube / BuzzFeed

    Warning: lots of delicious pizza content ahead.

    The Ooni Koda is an outdoor pizza oven — i.e there's no need to spend time ordering pizza anymore. By using a gas tank (the same thing you use to power your BBQ), it makes delicious pizza in less than 10 minutes. I repeat: Delicious pizza in under 10 minutes!! It's a professional quality oven intended for use outdoors at home. Best part? It's small, compact size allows you to easily move it around, and it's super simple to use. Honestly, it would cost you ~way~ more money to order pizza twice a month (the math: if the pizza costs $20, and you order it twice a month every month, it'll be $20 x 24= $480). In the long run, you'll save ~tons~ of time (waiting for the pizza) and money over time.

    Even as someone who isn't great with kitchen gadgets, I can list a whole slew of reasons why it's a must-have for all your outdoor gatherings (COVID-safe, of course). But, the real winner is the fact that it makes delicious pizza super quickly!

    the pizza going into the oven to cook
    Rachel Dube / BuzzFeed

    For starters, I mean, who doesn't love pizza? 

    To make our pizza, we prep a bit in advance by making the dough and letting it rise, gathering the ingredients like fresh basil, mozzarella cheese, sauce, etc., and by ensuring the oven is heated up before use. To heat it, all you need to do is make sure it's plugged into a gas tank and turn the knob in the back of the oven slowly to the left. The flames inside *should* light up if this is done properly.

    Rachel Dube / BuzzFeed

    This part and figuring out precisely how high to make the temperature (to avoid burning it) are the parts that *do* take a bit of practice so don't worry if you don't get it right away.

    Then, it's time to put in our pizza. It gets placed on a floured Perforated Pizza Peel and slid into the oven. With enough flour, it should come right off with zero problems. But, try not to put it too close to the flame unless you like it very, very burnt and crispy.

    Rachel Dube / BuzzFeed

    The oven cooks the pizza *super* fast so don't go too far. 

    After about two to three minutes (or when you see one side of the pizza crisping up), you'll want to use the Pizza Turning Wheel to turn it around. Just place the tool under the pizza and rotate it around in a circle.

    Rachel Dube / BuzzFeed

    This is where you need to watch the pizza ~extra~ closely. Leave it in too long and it WILL burn.

    From there, you'll wait another two to three minutes (the pizza should be done relatively quickly) and then you'll ~finally~ take your pizza out of the Ooni using the peel again.

    Rachel Dube / BuzzFeed

    The time to eat pizza is FINALLY here—even though that was definitely less time than it takes to get pizza delivered. 

    Once on your serving dish (or directly on the peel, either is fine!), you'll use the Ooni Pizza Cutter Wheel to slice it and garnish it with fresh basil, if desired. Bam, delicious pizza in under 10 minutes.

    Rachel Dube / BuzzFeed

    The pizza looks and tastes incredibly delicious. Overall, the oven is super super simple to use ( LOTS of emphasis on this!) and has been one of our favorite activities. Since we bought the Medium Modular Table, we can easily move the machine — which is already super lightweight and can be moved on it's own simply, too — anywhere on the deck for easy use. Since we got it, my family has used it SO many times. Truthfully, the price tag is worth every single penny. 

    My family (and me, obviously) are seriously obsessed with it. The most important takeaway, however, is that this pizza oven is a game-changer if your family is always hosting or loves outdoor summer activities. Honestly, I'm so so glad I discovered this little oven because it's AMAZING (and makes delicious pizza, which is literally the best part.) 

    The Ooni pizza oven has also garnered lots of attention from reviewers as it's super small and compact, and simple for everyday people (like me, myself, and I) to use. It allows us to make professional-level pizza from the comfort of our own homes.

    the pizza on the peel with fresh basil on it
    Rachel Dube / BuzzFeed

    "Whoa! Just used it for the first time. Can't believe how easy it was to set up, and how incredibly hot it got! I used the simple pizza dough recipe in the instruction booklet and it was absolutely delicious, and GORGEOUS." —Leora B.

    "We are creating picture perfect pizzas that taste great. The neighbors have been over ever Friday because, well, it’s free, but they also say it is just as good if not better than any local joint!" —Justin W.

    "Best purchase we have ever made. Easy set up, easy to use and clean. What other product can give you a pizza in under three minutes. Love it and use it all the time." —Ronnie S.

    "I love this pizza oven! I've used it about five times now and honestly, it's the making of the dough that's the hardest part for me! The cooking is the easiest and most fun part of making the pizza in my opinion! It definitely helps to have a pizza turning peel to rotate the pizza in the oven. It's also super versatile when it comes to where we use the oven. I've used it in our backyard AND on a camping trip. All around fun times and I'm looking forward to more uses in the future!" —Scott N.

    While you can purchase your own tools for it, I recommend getting the accessories that Ooni makes as they're the perfect size and created to use specifically for the pizza oven.

    the pizza oven on the stand with the tools
    Rachel Dube / BuzzFeed

    We purchased the Modular Table in Medium ($199), the12″ Perforated Pizza Peel ($59.99), the Pizza Turning Peel (currently sold out but usually $59.99), the Pizza Cutter Wheel ($19.99) and the Koda 12 Carry Cover ($39.99).

    When we first got the Ooni, we only planned to purchase the table and cover for it. However, after using it for a bit, we quickly discovered that Ooni's tools were the ones we needed. Flipping the pizza around with a pair of tongs was practically impossible, every peel we tried was too big, and every pizza cutter didn't seem to cut properly. All of these problems were instantly solved when we started using the Ooni tools.

    Aside from making our lives ~way~ easier, the tools are pre-made to be used specifically for the machine. They're the perfect size, easy to clean, and work incredibly well. We also love how the table has wheels (for easy transport) and attached hooks to hang the tools. Plus, if we ever were to bring the pizza oven somewhere (to a park, camping, etc.), the attached handles would make it simple to carry.

    Seriously though, even my puppy looovees the pizza.

    A puppy with a slice of pizza on a plate
    Rachel Dube / BuzzFeed

    Can you handle this cuteness? 

    Ready to make some *MOUTHWATERING* pizza at home? Get the 12" Ooni Koda Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven from Ooni for $349.


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