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    Attention Pet Owners: This Robotic Vacuum Definitely Keeps All That Hair In Check

    Seriously, it's a true gem — I know because I have one.

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    When I got my pup a few months ago, my once tidy home suddenly became filled with more dust, pet hair, and dirt than I'd ever seen.


    I am not exaggerating here one bit. Cookie, my puppy, seemed to get into everything and leave a trail of hair (which is red and blends into my wood floor) and whatever else she managed to get herself into. 

    And, since I'm being honest, for quite a while there it was ~chaotic~. Until I discovered the Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL RV101AE Robotic Vacuum ($449.99 from Amazon). Let me tell you: the amount of stuff this little thing picked up the first time I used it was literally jaw-dropping.

    the circular, low-to-the-ground shark robot vacuum on it's base
    Rachel Dube/BuzzFeed

    Think: more pet hair than I ever could have imagined from my hypoallergenic labradoodle puppy. 

    The Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL Robotic Vacuum is literally a miracle-worker. Aside from the fact that it cleans exceptionally well, this bag-less machine self practically takes care of itself by emptying and charging whenever needed. It can also be controlled by your voice, connected to an app, or used manually, which makes it customizable to your comfort level. My favorite part? If it's in the midst of cleaning and about to die, it'll go charge and empty itself and then resume right where it left off. Plus, say goodbye to pesky vacuum cords! 

    It's saved me hours of cleaning — which became a daily struggle with the vacuum — and saved me the worry of hoping the vacuum cord can reach where I needed to clean. It's also super easy to use, requires zero cords, empties itself into its base, *and* actually cleans my floors (!!).

    Rachel Dube/BuzzFeed

    I'm also low-key obsessed with it.

    To use it, I first followed the instructions it came with to set it up — which was super easy for a not-so-technology advanced person. Once it's all set up, you can either connect it to an app to run on a schedule automatically (a feature I have not taken advantage of yet) or manually push the button on it whenever you want to use it.

    Rachel Dube/BuzzFeed

    All I did was set it up, turn it on, and watch it do its magic (which, IMO, is literally sorcery).

    I run mine once a day and can honestly say my floors are cleaner than ever. It'll usually do two laps around the room, head to the base to charge and empty itself, and then do another two before it empties itself again.

    the robot working
    Rachel Dube/BuzzFeed

    I personally love how it comes back out to clean, so I don't have to push the button a second time. The machine will ~literally~ clean your room until your floor is clean — even if that means charging, emptying, repeat. 

    Since it's super compact, it'll also clean under your couches, beds, or other tight spaces that are difficult to reach.

    Rachel Dube/BuzzFeed

    And don't worry if you have stairs or anything of that sort as the machine has sensors and will rotate itself away from it. I use it on mostly wood floors and tile, but have also used it on carpet. It truly works fabulous on all! 

    If you plan to use it on a floor with both wood and carpet, there's no need to worry as the machine can do both with no issues, no special settings required. 

    When it's done, wants to empty itself, or needs charging, the robot will head right back to its home base — no assistance from you needed.

    Rachel Dube/BuzzFeed

    It'll first head straight there and then back itself directly into place.

    The only thing you do need to do? Remove the dirt compartment from the base and empty it out into a garbage can when it's finished.

    Rachel Dube/BuzzFeed

    Just press the button and release!

    But, the real game-changer is the fact that I can now walk around barefoot with zero worries of having to wear slippers or bring tons of dirt into my bed. My floors are spotless to the point where walking barefoot leaves me with nothing on my feet. It picks up so much — this is just from a couple of hours of puppy hair and dirt!

    Rachel Dube/BuzzFeed

    I'm not kidding when I say it's a game-changer. Truly obsessed with it.

    This is just the amount of dirt it picked up in a couple of hours — it's crazy how much we don't see on the floor. I'll normally clean it out once or twice a week, but if I feel my house is gross then I'll clean it out when it empties into the base.

    But, I'm not the only one who's in love with it. Over 19,300 Amazon reviewers love it too.

    the vacuum on tile floor in a reviewers home

    "I. Am. In. Love. First, I have four cats and an eight year old. I am also a single mom that is a teacher. This thing has been a lifesaver! I seriously spent weeks going back and forth between this one and other robotic vacuums. I ended up choosing this one due to suction power and the fact it requires no bags. Can I just say that two months later I am 100% firm in my decision to buy this little helper. Jaws (that's what we named it) does an amazing job cleaning up the floor from all the debris and cat hair (and that's on it's normal suction mode). It was so easy to set up and a breeze clean. I admit that cat hair gets wrapped around the bristle rollers, but I simply pop it off and pull the hair off every couple days. Today was the first time I removed the actual dustbin collector (on jaws) to give it a cleaning. It simply pops out with push tabs. The actual collecting receptacle is pretty good size and only needs to be emptied a couple times a week.... and did I mention no bags!..." —Missy

    "This is by far the best robot I’ve owned. I have three dogs one of which is a longhaired German shepherd, and this vacuum deals with all the fur like no other. You just have to let it map the house properly, the first few runs are very random but that’s because the vacuum is mapping. After that it’s a bliss! The brush is truly non tangling no hair wrapped around. The base has powerful suction, and vacuum itself has very powerful suction as well. I have huge area rug 12x15 feet some smaller rugs and rest is hard floor, shark does excellent on all of them. I have no complaints at all to be honest. I got it set to empty itself every 30 min not only when it’s full because of high hair level. I’m so glad I bought it." —roksana boyes

    With some even saying that it's a made a ~massive~ difference in their home.

    the shark on carpet in a reviewers home

    "I’m beyond surprised! It’s nice to be able to finally say 'this thing really sucks' as a compliment! We’ve affectionately named our Shark IQ Robot ‘Jaws’. Our house manufactures dust. I’m convinced most of the dust on the planet comes from here. Before ‘Jaws’ we were having to sweep several times a day, each time wondering how that much dirt could accumulate in just hours. Each morning at 4, ‘Jaws’ is up and working. We wake up to clean floors!! Throughout the day, we may wake ‘Jaws’ up to do it again. I’d never owned a robot vac and, frankly, was skeptical — so much so that I ordered it expecting to send it back; so much so that it took me nearly a month to register it (a very simple process, by the way). My wife was even more skeptical! However, we owned a Shark upright and have been very pleased with the quality, so decided to stick with a good brand. 

    It took me less than five minutes to have it out of the box and working. I could SEE the difference on our floors after the first run. When it’s full, it goes back to the base and empties, then gets back to work. If it runs low on power, it goes back to the base to recharge, then finishes the job. Once in a while, I have to turn it over and remove clogs and it does have to be cleaned occasionally, but I’ve had to do that with any vacuum. If anything, that attests to suction power! Since purchasing the Shark IQ, my wife and I have noticed a significant difference in the air quality within our house. 

    Another blessing is that it doesn’t annoy our two dogs the way other vacuums do. They see ‘Jaws’ coming and simply move out of its way, treating it more like a cat they don’t want near them but don’t care to acknowledge either. We’ve emptied the base twice since buying it. Each time was an ‘OMG’ moment as we were amazed that all this came off OUR floors. ‘Jaws’ has become part of the family. At this point, anyone trying to take it away from us need not fear me. I’ll just be here to clean up your pieces after my wife gets through with you. Love this robot! One suggestion though ... Shark, could you equip it with claws that pick up obstacles? Just kidding." –Doc H.

    Ready to have a sparkling clean home like, all the time? Get the Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL RV101AE Robotic Vacuum from Amazon for $449.99.

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