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    Just 20 Very Smart Target Purchases For Your Dog

    Dog pawrents everywhere need these helpful essentials.

    1. An automated pet feeder to help your pet get on a feeding schedule. Just set the machine, load it up with food, and it'll automatically feed your pup a measured amount of food at specific times. Trust me, it's game changing.

    the feeder

    2. A maze dog bowl for a dog who eats super quickly. This will slow down your dog while they eat and help prevent them from overeating.

    black pentagon shaped  slow eat maze dog bowl

    3. A pack of scented poop bags to mask the smell of those stinky poops your dog makes. This way, you at least won't have to smell it on your walk to the nearest trash can.

    4. And a poop bag carrier so you can have poop bags with you at ALL times. Simply attach it to a leash, purse, or belt loop, and you're ready to go!

    pink poop bag carrier with string

    5. A Kong chew toy for keeping your dog busy and out of trouble while you're trying to get some work done. Stuff it with peanut butter or a treat to make it more enticing.

    Dog running with a red Kong toy in its mouth

    6. A Bissell pet carpet cleaner to help you easily clean up pet stains, accidents, and odors in a pinch. This is especially great when you have a new puppy who has lots of accidents.

    model holding  portable vacuum with a dog and child sitting nearby

    7. A bag of Greenies Pill Pockets to trick your dog into taking their medicine willingly. This is super helpful in avoiding the inevitable battle of your dog simply licking the peanut butter *around* the pill you're trying to feed them and not actually taking the meds they need.

    Bag of chicken flavor pill pockets

    8. A Nest cam for keeping an eye on your pet while you step out to run a quick errand. This is great for all those pups who tend to get into everything or jump on the counter. (Like my dog!)

    the nest cam

    9. A pooper scooper that'll easily pick up the poop your pet left behind. The best part? You won't have to injure your back by bending down to pick up the waste!

    Black rake and bin

    10. A Chuckit! ball launcher because touching the slobbery ball after your dog returns it to you is gross. Honestly: you also want to tire out your energetic pup with as minimal effort as possible and this is a simple way to do it.

    Pet owner throwing a ball using the launcher as a dog runs after the ball

    11. A pet feeding mat for keeping all the mess from your dog's meals contained. Since it's nonskid, it'll also keep bowls in place and be easy to clean when your pet inevitably spills (or intentionally spills, like my dog).

    gray pet feeding mat

    12. An interactive dog ball that'll keep your dog busy for ~at least~ 30 minutes (sometimes longer!).

    a dog chewing on the toy

    13. A reflective dog harness because collars can hurt your dog's neck during walks and this will help relieve some of the pressure without letting them pull you.

    a dog toy wearing the harness in pink

    14. An interactive dog puzzle toy that'll keep your dog entertained and mentally stimulated while you're doing some work.

    a dog playing with the interactive toy

    15. A collapsible dog bowl because your dog should always have a way to stay hydrated on your adventures! This little thing folds up and clips to their leash, so you just have to pop it open and pour in some water whenever you want to use it.

    the water bowl

    16. An odor-eliminating spray for getting all unwanted pet smells out of your carpet, furniture, and rugs that would otherwise stink up your home. Since it's made with chlorine and color-safe, you can use it around your pet with no worries whatsoever.

    stain and odor eliminator spray

    17. An LED dog collar with fun color-changing lights that will help you see your dog on nighttime walks.

    LED safety dog collar

    18. A dog bed with a removable cushion and multiple color options, so your pup can get the best possible sleep without hogging up your entire bed. Since it has a removable cushion, it's also super easy to clean, too!

    19. A 2-in-1 bottle that holds food *and* water for your days spent outdoors with your furry friend. Use it on hikes, long days in the park, or road trips.

    20. A grooming tool to remove excess fur off your dog before it ends up all over your entire house. It even has a self-cleaning function where you push a button and all of the dog hair comes off.

    the grooming tool

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