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    The 19 Best Fashion Moments In "Emily In Paris" Season 2

    They may be ~interesting~ outfits, but they work.

    If you watched Emily in Paris, chances are you have some opinions on her style. Whether it's positive or negative, you have to admit there is something to be said about her bold outfits.

    emily at the fashion show

    With the second season coming out this week, I thought it would be fun to dive into some of my favorite outfits from all the characters on the show (because, let's be real, they all have their own unique style).

    emily in the office

    Suffice to say, whether you love it or hate it, the show definitely brings some fashion choices to discuss. Ahead, here are the best outfits from the second season of Emily in Paris!

    Warning: Light spoilers ahead!

    1. The black and white band jacket, loose black trousers with gold buttons, chic black bag, and black boots that Camille wore to lunch with Sylvie and Emily. TBH, it's a true showstopper, and we can all admit that we would *actually* love to wear it.

    emily, camille, and slyvie heading to lunch.

    2. This multi-patterned ensemble with a black and white hat, colorful beaded bag, and nude heels that Emily wore while exploring the streets of St. Tropez.

    emily walking around St. Tropez

    3. This yellow beret, plaid yellow, red, and green short sleeve jacket, patterned black floral dress, and yellow Prada bag that Emily wore to Alfie and Gabriel's soccer game.

    Emily on the phone

    4. This beaded sparkly bustier top, feathered black and white skirt with rhinestones, and green bag that Mindy wore to the opening of Gabriel's restaurant with Emily. Talk about a *gasp* style moment!

    emily and mindy talking to Antoine

    5. This yellow blazer, checkered black and white shirt, colorful painted skirt, lavender boots (yes!!), and romantic Dolce & Gabbana bag that looked fabulous on Emily. *Sigh*, it's so chic!

    6. This incredible heart dress, white satin headband, and red bunny ear shoes that Emily wore to the Chopard party. Honestly, this dress is *everything* and we need it immediately.

    emily and mindy having a glass of champagne by the siene

    7. The outfit Mindy wore to her first performance in the drag club. It was half a tuxedo and half a sparkly dress, and it was 10/10. Watch the episode to see it in all its glory — this photo does not do the spectacular 'fit justice.

    Mindy singing at the club

    8. The red tulle ruched puffy dress that Emily wore to the fashion show. The dress itself is something else, but her hairstyle with all those different gorgeous clips is also a moment in itself, ya know?

    emily looking at the crowd at the fashion show

    9. The sparkle suite and long silver beaded necklace that Mindy wore to sing at the Chopard party. It shined almost as bright as the Eiffel Tower does.

    Mindy singing at the Chopard party

    10. This gorgeous multi-color patterned trench coat over a bright pink dress that Emily wore to Gabriel's restaurant opening. Even though she was working the event, the coat is a *major* statement piece.

    emily talking on the phone

    11. And this other coat moment that Emily has with Alfie on a balcony with views of the Eiffel Tower. The pattern, the colors, and the print make it *worth it* — do I need to say anything else?

    emily and alfie talking

    12. Lastly for coat moments, this gorgeous red and white oversized jacket in yet another adorable moment with Alfie. Enough said.

    emily and alfie talking by the eiffel tower

    13. This black dress with a massive bow and kimono-like coat that Emily wore to celebrate her birthday. All eyes were on her with this one — and we get it.

    emily outside for her birthday

    14. Any and every Pierre Caduit moment, but especially at the fashion show where he rocked this suit with silver triangles. A true *fashun* moment.

    pierre caduit at the fashion show

    15. This black and white button-up dress that Emily wore for a day at the office. Definitely different than most of her colorful outfits in the season, but, TBH, it's *chef's kiss*.

    emily and sylvie in a meeting at the office

    16. The purple dress and rainbow heels that Emily wore, yellow off-the-shoulder crop top, lavender shorts, and silver heels that Mindy wore, and the oversized white blazer and mules that Camille wore while in St. Tropez. Two words: Trés chic!

    emily, camille, and mindy in st. tropez

    17. The sheer pink top over a graphic T-shirt, pink bucket bag, and skirt moment that Emily wore to hang out with Mindy.

    emily and mindy sitting on a bench

    18. This multi-shades of yellow ensemble that Emily wore with Camille to her house. Stays business chic yet looks like sunshine.

    emily sitting on a car

    19. This red off-the-shoulder top, pink button-up skirt with gold buttons, pink heels, and rectangle bag on Emily that proves that the red and pink combo is invincible.

    emily and alfie on a walk

    What were your favorite looks from Season 2? Let us know in the comments.