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Reasons You Should Go To The Cinema Alone

Today I went the the cinema on my own for the first time and I realised that it was silly that I had never done it before. Here is a list of the reasons that I will be making solo cinema trips a regular part of my life.

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1. You shouldn't be talking.

There is no reason that you need to go to the cinema with another person. You are supposed to be sitting in silence and watching the movie. You should not be speaking to anyone once the show starts. This is the main reason why going to the cinema alone is totally acceptable and makes more sense.

2. You don't have to share snacks.

You can buy as many snacks as you want and there is no one to judge you. Similarly there is no one who feels entitled to some of your snacks. If you're usual cinema companion is anything like mine they will drink all their drink before the movie has started and decide that your drink is now theirs. This did not happening when I went to the cinema alone.

3. No one sees your reactions.

I jump over the slightest loud noise. I cry over nearly anything. When you go to the cinema alone no one is there to laugh at the fact you jumped out of your seat at the sound of a car horn during a romcom. Being in the cinema alone meant that no one saw me crying during the trailer for Hidden Figures and no one heard the yearning moan that escaped my body when Ryan Gosling began to dance. I hope no one heard this moan.

4. No one bursts your bubble.

The movie ends, you leave the cinema and go about your life as usual. You do not have to listen people dissecting the movie or telling you their opinion. If I liked the movie I want to live in my little post movie bubble. I do not need to here 101 reasons that you did not enjoy the movie.

5. You do everything else alone.

This is an assumption but I for one enjoy doing things alone. If I want a cup of tea while I am out and about I will go into a cafe. If I didn't pack a lunch for work I will go to a restaurant and have something to eat. If I want to see a good quality movie when it is in the cinema instead of waiting weeks for an illegal half decent copy to surface on line then you better bet that I'm going to go to the cinema.

6. You get to decide for yourself.

My boyfriend and I have opposite tastes in everything so movies are not an exception. In order to work this out we take turns choosing the movie. This is a ridiculous idea! For one, the cinema is kind of expensive and wasting 10 euro on a movie I don't want to see is really stupid. Secondly, we are both aware that the other person does not want to be there. This does not result in a good viewing experience for anyone involved.

7. Less fighting.

Fighting is an exaggeration here but I have been in situtation where I have wanted to see a movie only to find out that everyone I know has already seen it. In the past this meant that I was never going to see the movie, or at least not legally. Now with my new found independence I can see whatever I want, whenever I want. I can see movies at 12pm on my days off when everyone else I know is in work. I am free to do as I please.

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