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    • racheld27

      I’m the mummy on the left. I was SO proud of this costume - it’s still one of my best. I used fabric gauze as well as strips of old lace sewn to a pretty hastily thrown together one piece fabric dress held in place by Velcro, LOL. I also wore tea-dyed fishnets. The wrapping around my legs and arms was self-stick medical tape, and the headpiece was a gauze novelty table cloth I tea-dyed and cut to fit my needs. I also wrapped gauze around my wine glass. I made it to match a store bought Pharaoh costume my hubby already had.

    • racheld27

      Ok ok ok….as someone who not only works as a wedding planner but just got married, I have to comment. 1. Consider a holiday weekend. We did everything this past Labor Day and split everything up over 4 days - It. Was. AMAZING. Ceremony on Saturday, which gave us the whole afternoon to take pictures and drive around in our limo SUV without rushing to get to a reception. If you have it in the budget, this is something I am so glad we did. Our reception was on Sunday, and we were able to be recover from Saturday, set some stuff how we wanted it, and still go home and get dressed to be at our party at 2.  2.- That being said, consider a Friday or Sunday reception. You will almost always get a discount and because we booked a Sunday, during the day, we cut our costs in half and could bring our own booze.  3.- Budget for not just a good photographer but a GREAT photographer. It’s worth every penny. Just seeing our preview photos on Facebook gave me chills. ALSO, plan to FEED YOU VENDORS!! Some have it in their contract, some do not. They get hungry too! 4.- We did a “Sweetheart” table as opposed to giant head table. This allowed our bridal party to sit with their families or significant others, and we got to eat and chat by ourselves, which was awesome.  5.- The clinking glass thing. UGH UGH UGH. We made our DJ call people who got caught clinking up to the DJ Booth and answer a trivia question about us. If they got it right, we kissed….if wrong, no kiss. no one wanted to get up to talk, so the clinking was halted right away, and the few that insisted made the trivia question fun and worth it. 6.- We had little games (mini connect 4’s, puzzles, those little wind up magnetic fishing games, dry erase hangman boards, etc) on each table, and a table with nothing but board games, and 2 sets of cornhole boards for our guests. We did have a DJ, but not everyone will dance, I promise, and I was especially worried people wouldn’t dance because our shindig was during the day. People RAVED about the games and activities. We had quite a lot of dancing but there was a steady stream of people at the game table and the corn hole boards all afternoon. 7.- Consider an after party at your favorite local dive. We ended at 7, and had an afterparty scheduled, thinking 10-15 people would show up. We FILLED the bar, we had about 40 people come! The bartenders loved us and many people bought us drinks before we even got there, it was awesome.  And of course, just my thoughts, EVERYONE is different, and is entitled to their opinion. We originally started off planning a destination wedding, and now I’m glad we didn’t. Different strokes for different folks, regardless of what you do, your day will be AMAZING. Enjoy it!

    • racheld27

      Not my drunkest, but easily one of my top five. Jimmy Buffett concert in Cincinnati, 2012. I’m the one on the left, in the Landshark bikini, my friend Rachael is in the grass skirt. Had never met that flamingo before in my life. That fruit in our hands had been marinating in 90 proof Rum for well over 24 hours, and we traded pieces of it for shots, beads and beers, and we had already been drinking since 7:30am. This was late afternoon. Fins up!

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