11 Charts For When You Feel Bad About Your Body

    The mirror + your brain = :(

    1. Sometimes a terrible thing can happen when you least expect it.

    2. But it's kind of hard to explain.

    3. It's like, you try to have a good time but your brain won't let you.

    4. And even though you love the body positivity movement for other people, you just can't apply it to *your* body.

    5. It's a hard thing to tackle in general. There are times when people try to be ~inclusive~ and it goes really wrong.

    6. Sometimes it's your own fault, tbh.

    Rachel Christensen / BuzzFeed
    Rachel Christensen / BuzzFeed
    Rachel Christensen / BuzzFeed

    7. The truth is, though, you're not the only one who goes through this. Feeling crappy isn't some weird thing that only your brain does.

    8. Certain moments can be particularly universal.

    9. But on the bright side, no one else is looking at you under a microscope.

    10. Every single day won't be easy, but that's okay.

    11. And no matter what, always remember this: