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    23 Cha Cha Slide Tweets That Will Make You Say "Same, Actually."

    Okay but seriously, what are you supposed to do when he says "Charlie Brown"?

    Let's start this off right...

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    1. Some of us are very aware when it's time to get funky:

    it is part of my brand to be the first person front & center dancing to the cha cha slide

    2. And we have our priorities in order:

    I met someone who didn't know what the Cha Cha Slide was and I've never cut someone out of my life so fast

    3. It's always seasonally appropriate:

    *cha cha slide guy voice* ...and this time...we're gunna get SPOOKY...aaawwww YEAH...take it back now FALL

    4. You just kind of to *see it* everywhere:

    When the Cha Cha Slide says "hands on ya knees hands on ya knees" but you tired

    5. Even if you still have some questions:

    me: does ANYONE know what to do during the cha cha slide when it says charlie brown?????? professor: i meant questions about the final

    6. Like, a lot of questions actually:

    In the cha cha slide song I always thought they said, "right foot left stomp" but they really say "right foot lets…

    7. It can tear our nation apart:

    the issue upon which our country is most divided is what to do when they say "charlie brown" during the cha cha slide

    8. Or serve as a metaphor:

    America seem to be having one big Cha Cha Slide:Obama took 5 hops forward and now Trumps gonna take it back now y'all and slide to the right

    9. Really just help us express our feelings in general:

    first day of school and i want to cha cha slide off a bridge

    10. Because once you become one with the Cha Cha Slide, you're in it:

    Been so deep into my feels I can be listening to the cha cha slide and cry

    11. It can move you to place you've never expected:

    i can't believe my hoe side came out during the cha cha slide

    12. Bring us closer to companionship:

    Man idk about y'all but I really just wanna do the Cha cha slide with that one special someone

    13. Help fulfill us in ways we'd never expect:

    somebody cha cha slide into my dms

    14. We may even start to ~feel things~ for Mr. C The Slide Man and/or DJ Casper:

    Who is the voice behind the cha cha slide? He sounds hot

    15. It can be life-changing:

    ive never had to work a day in my life because my grandfather wrote the cha cha slide

    16. Or live-saving:

    me drinking red wine in a calming lavender bath listening to the cha cha slide

    17. It doesn't always make sense:

    It's 1am why am i dancing to the cha cha slide

    18. SERIOUSLY:

    so the dj kept putting the 'left foot two stomps' bit of the cha cha slide on repeat! swear we were there left foot two stomping for ages!

    19. But don't overthink it:

    What the Cha Cha Slide looks like with no music.

    20. Just accept that it's part of you:

    tbh I think about and sing the cha cha slide at least 7 times a day

    21. Feel the music:

    When the Cha Cha slide is on and you hear him say "Cha Cha real smooth"

    22. Let it guide you:

    If you aren't gonna get hype af when the cha cha slide plays at a wedding reception why even go

    23. But be careful:

    DONT do the cha cha slide in rollerblades five hops this time WILL fuck you up.