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    Pete Davidson Performed With Jack Harlow In LA, And You Really Need To See It

    Their hug at the end is everything.

    Like literally everyone else in Hollywood, singer/rapper Jack Harlow is buds with SNL cast member (and dude, we are inexplicably attracted to) Pete Davidson!

    Jack Harlow, and Pete Davidson

    Jack was even recently at Pete's NYE celebration with Miley Cyrus!

    Jack Harlow, Anitta, Saweetie, Miley Cyrus, 24kGoldn, and Pete Davidson

    Well, the other night Pete jumped onstage with Jack to help sing "SUVs (Black on Black)."

    jack harlow and pete davidson performing suvs together last night

    @davidsonupdate / twitter / Via Twitter: @davidsonupdate

    And this isn't the first time the two have performed together — last spring, Jack was the musical guest on SNL, and he helped explain NFTs with Pete (to the tune of Eminem's "Without Me").

    View this video on YouTube

    YouTube / NBC / Via

    "NFTs are insane / Built on a blockchain / A digital ledger of transactions / It records information on what’s happening," Harlow rapped.

    At the end of the performance, Jack and Pete shared a big bear hug.

    @davidsonupdate / Twitter / Photo: Henry Ammann Instagram: @thexxguy / Via Twitter: @davidsonupdate

    "Make some noise for the legend Pete Davidson!" Jack said.

    I mean... Y'all are BOTH legends.

    jack harlow and pete davidson on stage tonight in LA

    @davidsonupdate / Twitter / Via Twitter: @misssionaryjack