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    Pete Davidson Is Going To Space On The Blue Origin's 20th Mission, Cementing His Status As The Luckiest Man In The World

    Life is looking pretty good for Pete Davidson atm...

    Pete Davidson is reportedly going to space!

    Pete Davidson

    According to People, the Saturday Night Live star will be among six astronauts going on Blue Origin's 20th mission to space next week.

    Pete Davidson

    This definitely tracks. Back in January, Pete and GF Kim Kardashian attended a dinner party hosted by Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos in LA.

    Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian

    The flight is scheduled to launch on March 23 at 8:30 a.m. local time from Launch Site One in West Texas, and Pete and the other passengers will each carry a postcard for Blue Origin's foundation Club for the Future and their Postcards to Space program, which offers students access to space on Blue Origin's rockets.

    Blue Origin

    Also headed to space: Marty Allen, angel investor and CEO of Party America; Sharon Hagle, founder of the SpaceKids Global nonprofit, her husband Marc Hagle, president and CEO of Tricor International; Jim Kitchen, a teacher at University of North Carolina, and Dr. George Nield, president of Commercial Space Technologies.

    Blue Origin

    And Pete is the latest celeb to launch into space via Bezos' rocket program, after William Shatner and Michael Strahan.

    Michael Strahan

    Between this, his seemingly accidental A-list celebrity status, and dating every beautiful woman to ever exist, is Pete the luckiest guy...ever???

    Pete Davidson