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    Eva Mendes Posted A Rare Video Shot By Ryan Gosling's And Her Kids, And I'm In Awe

    The kids are definitely alright, in case you were wondering.

    You know these two: Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling.

    Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling
    Sonia Recchia / Getty Images

    Of course you do! But in case you forgot, they met back in 2011 filming A Place Beyond the Pines. They're pretty private, though.

    Eva and Ryan share two daughters: Esmeralda, 6, and Amada, 5. But Eva is famously (and understandably) private about sharing any photos of them.

    Anyway, I guess Eva found a loophole by just sharing a video that was shot by Esmeralda and Amada!

    "So beautiful and I love your style so much," a fan commented, prompting Eva to talk about how she's in "mom mode."

    "That means a lot considering I'm in total mom mode and feel like a towel for my kids!!!"

    Leave it to Eva Mendes to make feeling like a towel for your kids look this glamorous.

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