Drew Barrymore Posted A Hilariously Flirty Comment On Leonardo DiCaprio's Instagram

    Get it, girl.

    Drew Barrymore and Leonardo DiCaprio are pop culture legends. Here's Drew in 1999:

    Drew Barrymore waves on the red carpet while wearing a buttoned shirt, blouse, and pants.

    And here's Leo, right around the time of Titanic.

    Leonardo DiCaprio smiles while wearing a tuxedo

    And here's BOTH of them in 2007!

    Drew Barrymore stands near Leonardo DiCaprio while holding a wine glass and leaning in towards Cameron Diaz, with Steven Spielberg behind her

    Anyway, Drew left a cute, maybe-kinda-flirty comment on Leo's Instagram, and maybe it's nothing — maybe it's just in the air because of Bennifer 2.0 — but people (me) are fanning themselves.

    It all starts with an infographic Leo posted about the consequences of global warming.

    To which Drew replied, "You should be the only hot one, and not our planet!"

    Drew Barrymore's IG comments

    I mean, Leo is technically dating model Camila Morrone.

    But hey, an innocent Insta-flirt never hurt anybody. We're all in this for the betterment and health of our planet.

    Steven Spielberg, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Sasha Spielberg, Leonardo DiCaprio

    You do you, Drew!