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    Daniel Craig Bled Through An Entire Video Interview With Javier Bardem And It Wasn't Until The Very End That He Was Asked About It

    "Where? Have I just got sandwich on my head?"

    Every now and then, Hollywood gives us a truly unplanned moment, and we all have a good laugh. Today's moment is brought to you by Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem.

    Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem

    The Skyfall costars did an #ActorsOnActors interview for Variety, during which Daniel was bleeding from the forehead and had no idea.

    Daniel Craig did his entire #ActorsOnActors interview with Javier Bardem without realizing he was bleeding from his forehead.

    Variety,  @FilmUpdates / Via Twitter: @FilmUpdates

    "Let me ask you this last question my friend, what happened to you here?" asked Javier, pointing to his forehead.

    Javier Bardem and Daniel Craig

    "Where? Have I just got sandwich on my head?" replied Daniel.

    Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem

    After going to look in the mirror, Daniel exploded with laughter and said, "They've sent me this wonderful ring flash that I've set up with an iPad in the middle of it...and it just fell on my head just before [the interview]."

    Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem

    "This is 17 years playing Bond! No wonder I get fucking injured every time I do a movie!" Daniel wheezed.

    Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem

    It's true. Daniel has injured himself a LOT while making his many Bond films. Making 2008's Quantum of Solace, Daniel tore the labrum — aka the connecting cartilage — in his right shoulder during an aerial stunt. And while making 2012's Skyfall, Craig ruptured both his calf muscles. AND while making 2016's Spectre, Daniel injured his anterior cruciate ligament (a ligament in the knee).

    Daniel Craig

    Ow. And to be taken down by an iPad right before doing an on-camera interview?! Well, at least Daniel was an excellent sport about it. What a pro.

    Daniel Craig