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    Adam Brody Politely Shaded The "Gossip Girl" Reboot, Arguing That It Doesn't Work For The Same Reason An "O.C." Reboot Wouldn't Work

    "You have to have a real reckoning politically and socially, and is that what people want to see with this show?"

    Adam Brody, who famously played Seth Cohen on The O.C. (among many other pivotal '00s roles), had a mini-O.C. reunion this week!

    Adam Brody
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    Guesting on former co-stars' Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke's podcast,Welcome to the OC, Bitches!, Adam talked about whether or not an O.C. reboot would work today.

    "I kind of don't think it can be done because I feel like, socially, I think we're in a different place. And I think we're in a more conscious place," Adam began.

    Adam Brody, Mischa Barton, Benjamin McKenzie, and Rachel Bilson
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    Adam also (politely) shaded the Gossip Girl reboot, arguing that it doesn't work for the same reason an O.C. reboot wouldn't work.

    Adam Brody
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    "I feel like The O.C., while it claims to be in a similar sense of Gossip Girl, while it would sort of say it's a critique [of affluence], it's not. It's a celebration. It's a celebration of affluence, in my opinion," he said.

    Adam Brody
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    "Obviously, like, in the heart of it, there's people who are lovely. It's a family at the heart of it, too. There's people who love each other and care for each other and sacrifice for each other. So, it's not a pure celebration of money. It's a celebration of, you know, love and romance and being in high school. It's not just that."

    "But I guess my point is like, for me, in a post-Donald Trump America, to go, 'Let's go to Orange County,' I feel like you have to have a real reckoning politically and socially," he continued. "And is that what people want to see with this show? I don't know. And is there a way to do both? I mean, there is I suppose, but in my eyes, I'd probably want to torch it more than, like, the fans would want. So, I don't know who would be happy."

    Adam Brody and Mischa Barton
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    Adam, who is married(!) to the original Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester, also had some lovely things to say about parenthood.

    Adam Brody and Leighton Meester
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    "We've multiplied over here. ... I count my blessings every day," he said. "Not to say that, you know, life is only positive, I guess, but I'm so lucky and don't I know it."

    Leighton Meester, Adam Brody
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    Adam and Rachel, who dated for three years IRL, also had the nicest possible things to say to one another.

    Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson
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    "Watching the show and, like, going back into that time and everything else, you really — I don't even know how to put this — you taught me how to act well," Rachel said. "You made it, like, so comfortable to just go for it and not be afraid, and everything you did and working with you really made me have the confidence to kind of, like, do whatever I wanted and go for it. And I just want to say thank you because it just, like, brings that all up. And I was like, 'Dude, I was never better than when I was acting with you.'"

    Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody
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    Love them!!

    Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson
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