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    39 Signs You Might Be A Med Tech Student

    Medical Technologist, Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Medical Laboratory Scientist....Who even knows anymore.

    1. You think things like microtainer tubes and hairy cells are adorable.

    2. You think another name for the devil is QC.

    3. Your goal in life is to own every Giant Microbe available.

    4. You get seasick every time you perform manual cell counts.

    5. You find that fatal diseases consequently have the funniest names.

    6. If you had a dime for every time you heard the word hemolysis...

    7. You know the pain of manual platelet counts.

    You see those tiny dots?

    8. Your professors tend to have a negative outlook toward nurses.

    Don't worry nurses, we haven't developed an opinion...yet.

    9. You're generally an introvert but are the loudest in your group of introverts (AKA: the lab)

    10. Whoever says they made a perfect blood smear on the first try is a pathological liar.

    11. You have a mini panic attack when you receive a sample from the hospital in the student lab that literally looks like milk.


    12. You know what Ethylenediamine Tetraacetic Acid is and what belongs in it.


    13. You've attempted to make crafts out of expired test tubes before.

    14. You're amazed at how much bacteria can be present in a drop of urine.

    15. You laugh every time you hear the word, steatorrhea, but when you get a specimen in real life you're not laughing anymore.

    (Actual picture is too x-rated to show)

    16. You've spilled every bodily fluid known to man on yourself at some point.

    17. Your professors have had arguments over which leukemia would be the best to have.


    18. Your comfort zone is behind a microscope.

    19. You've forgotten to take the tourniquet off when you miss a vein and end up witnessing a miniature crime scene.

    20. You've wanted to swab all aspects of your life and culture it on agar.

    "They used to call me on the cell phone...until I realized how much bacteria was on it and destroyed it with hand sanitizer." -Drake, MLS (ascp)

    21. You think doctors and nurses get too much credit for your work.

    You're welcome for the 70% of your medical decisions.

    22. You still don't know what Lupus is.

    23. You have to restrain yourself from laughing at lists of absurd symptoms that are in your case studies.

    24. You've lost points in lab for merely spilling a reagent.

    25. You have a chart for everything.

    So many anemias..

    26. Lipemia causes too many problems in your daily life.

    27. Reference ranges are the bane of your existence.

    28. You still don't understand diabetes even though you've learned it every year of college.

    Other known as "The Shugs"

    29. Two words. Coag Cascade.

    30. You know the struggle of learning all the chemical reactions involved with analyzers when in reality you know your job will consist of pressing a button.

    Whatever MALDI-TOF

    31. You chose this major because you don't want to deal with patients.

    Tubes are much more pleasant.

    32. You're terrified of making the wrong diagnosis in clinicals.

    33. You get too happy when you see your friend, Giardia.

    34. All of your relatives think you're majoring in nursing because you know that even if you explain what MLS is, you know there is no chance that they will understand.

    35. You have trouble understanding the reason for ordering an ESR.

    36. You love science cartoons.

    37. You think horses, not zebras.

    One dacryocyte does not mean you have primary myelofibrosis.

    38. Every time you see a band, you only think of one thing...

    Thanks Juicy J

    39. You love your career path because you know how much of a difference it makes :)