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    • rachelb440d04484

      I would strongly caution against buying from #15 (light in the box). The dress I received (4 weeks after ordering) looked nothing like the photo. It was poor quality, a horrible stop sign red color instead of the “deep burgundy” I ordered, and it was clearly ~4 sizes bigger than the measurements indicated. After jumping through a million hoops to reach a customer service person to figure out returns I sent back the dress, only to discover that I still owed $45 on international customs and tariffs for a $25 dress!!! And because I returned it they covered shipping to me but not back AND I had to pay the customs fee!!! Total scam

    • rachelb440d04484

      My sophomore year of high school I fell during a trampoline routine at gymnastics practice and shattered my left arm. After 8 months of surgeries, three years of physical therapy and rehab, and battling complications ranging from compartment syndrome to infection, I was left with an arm that not only hurt constantly and didn’t work, but also didn’t look like my own. Surgeries to remove dead muscle and scar tissue had distorted my forearm, and the scars scattered across my arm and hand felt unsightly and ugly. This tattoo, my first, was a present to myself when I turned 18 as a way to reclaim my body after it had been irreparably damaged, and to turn my scars into something beautiful. I didn’t want to cover up the surgical scars because they were, and are, such an important part of who I am now, but I wanted to transform them into something I was proud of. The bird is an eastern bluebird,

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