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10 Reasons Charlize Theron And Seth MacFarlane Are Perfect For Each Other

Sorry, Sean.

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Now that Charlize Theron is single after calling off her engagement to the mustache formerly known as Sean Penn, we think it's about time that her and Seth MacFarlane just admit that they're in love so they can live happily ever after,

2. They're adorable on social media

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3. She defends his oftentimes controversial humor

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Charlize said she was shocked when people reacted so negatively to the "We Saw Your Boobs" sketch that Seth included in his opening monologue at the Oscars.

"The way he embraces women in his comedy and storytelling is unbelievably sweet. The boobs song was the best. He had too many actresses who were like, 'Can I please be a part of that skit?'" -an interview with the LA Times

4. And even sings his praises for it

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This year she presented him with the 2015 Genius Award at the Critics Choice Awards and reiterated that he was, in fact single. Now so are you Charlize!

5. And he sings them right back

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In a rare moment of sincerity, Seth says he doesn't know what he did to deserve a "fantastic, wonderful, amazing, talented friend" like Charlize

6. They have great rapport

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Their back and forth in interviews is hilarious and they definitely don't hold back. Plus look how much fun they have answering silly questions!

7. Their chemistry in "A Million Ways to Die in the West" was undeniable


Even if it was just "a 40 million dollar excuse to make out with [Charlize]." And hey, if Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds can find love on set of "The Green Lantern" anything is possible

8. He brings her onstage just to goof around

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At a concert in Los Angeles, Charlize came to support her friend but ended up leading his entire band.

9. He gets along with her kid

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In an interview with Ellen, Charlize talks about why Seth calls her son Jackson "The Little Republican."

10. They just generally have a lot of love for each other

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"He's definitely the kind of person that from afar fascinates me. Then you have this opportunity to know someone, and when they don't let you down, that's such a gift. The thing you remember when you're 80 and lying on your deathbed is that. I'll remember the friendship and working with Seth on this movie." -Charlize, about Seth

"We had said 'Hi' here and there. But it was so quickly into the process, I felt like she was someone I'd been working with my entire life. I really felt like I made a lifelong friend." -Seth, about Charlize

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