Rachel Stevens
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    • Rachel Stevens

      For the people arguing the validity of this infographic: yes, some of the minor facts may be slightly off, but there is no denying the inequalities in the industry. You can see them clearly without even knowing these facts. Some people are trying to counter-argue this by saying women aren’t applying into the industry and this accounts for the inequalities. What you need to understand is that women are often discouraged throughout their life from pursuing these types of careers. While I grew up playing with barbies, my brother was building cars out of his lego set. I was taught to nurture, not necessarily by choice, and my brother learned technology and problem-solving skills. Your brain is trainable and influenced by what you spend your time doing. The problem isn’t that women don’t have the intelligence to, or aren’t interested in participating in, the film industry. The problem stems from childhood, where we are molded into what society envisions us to be. This all comes full cycle when the few women that do apply into the industry get rejected. While some applicants may actually be less qualified, the male-dominated industry already has this pre-existing idea that women are less fit for the career (due to the lack of females in the industry and the way in which women are stereotyped— i.e. to be less capable of leading a group because of their emotional instability). It’s a seemingly endless cycle that leaves women without the chance to have a voice in popular media.

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