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    • rachealmcavoym

      lol Thanks. After the first one, I really really wanted a VBAC *vaginal birth* but the doctors said after all the trauma I suffered through the first they strongly suggested another c-section. My heart rhythm and blood pressure were shot to shit after the first go-round. Needless to say, Valium was my friend. But I was up out of bed, walking around my room within an hour of delivering my 2nd boy. Spooked the nurses there, but there was no way in hell I was staying down this time. It took me a month to recover after my first and I just couldn’t do it again. Plus, I had a different (and awesome) OB this time around. My first was an all around cluster fuck. They had a resident do the insertion of a Foley bulb (after 18 hours of labor, 39 overall) and he obviously either had no clue or didn’t give a shit about what he was doing. He just shoved it in there and it hurt like a mother fucker. Thank everything for the nurses. My nurse slapped that idiot and dragged his ass out to the hall. She ripped him up one side and down the other (we could hear it all). I never saw him again and she brought another in to finish the procedure. But i really hope they retrained that idiot or he left the field, He really acted the ass, didn’t understand why everyone was “whining”.

    • rachealmcavoym

      Regarding #6: The anesthesia wore off a third of the way through my c-section with my first child. I had been chattering morbidly about wanting to see what the doctors were doing **they had a sheet up and wouldn’t give me a mirror :( ** when I went quiet. My hubby asked if I was ok and said I looked pale. I remember I gradually felt like something was squirming around my stomach area *inside* and then the pain hit. My god, it hurt so bad. I was trying to scream but couldn’t get anything coherent out. Finally I got out I that I was feeling everything. The doctors shut up chatting and joking and it seems like they sped up the procedure too. The poor anesthesiologist was apologizing and freaking out, saying they had already given me everything they could. I still, to this day, remember the moment that I started to feel nauseous. It got so bad that it overrode the pain. I felt like I was going to puke. On top of everything else, that made me panic. When I blurted out that I felt “sick to my stomach” and that I was going to puke, hubby looked over the curtain and then told me why I felt that way. Seems my stomach was sitting on the out side getting some air. That was the most horrible time of my life, pain-wise. It was agonizing. But, I got got my baby boy out of it and survived so it’s all good now. But I still wake up sometimes from a nightmare of that 45 minutes of hell freaked the fuck out. And oh yeah… fuck sinkholes!

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