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Do We Need A Postal Service Reunion?

The electronic indie duo are back together after a decade for a new tour, and maybe a second album. It might be worth the wait, but I'm still trying to figure out the first record.

Rachael Maddux 6 years ago

Stop Blaming Lena Dunham's Success On "Nepotism"

Her parents aren't even that famous. What we're talking about here is actually privilege.

Rachael Maddux 7 years ago

Ben Folds Five Reunited And I Broke Up With Them

They were my favorite band when I was a teenager. But when I reassessed their songs as an adult, I didn't love what I heard.

Rachael Maddux 7 years ago

Why I Hate List-Making

We lose too much of what's great about living with music by playing the album-ranking game.

Rachael Maddux 7 years ago