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22 Useful Life Hacks All Yorkshire People Grew Up Learning

If in doubt, add gravy.

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1. Re-creating the feeling of human affection by covering everything in gravy.

Mmm, warmth and happiness.

4. Not bothering to remember anyone's name, 'cos you can just get away with calling them "love".

Just sunconsciously said 'thanks duck' to a female bus driver, I've been in yorkshire too long

Or duck, or pet, or sausage, or petal, or cock.


5. Buying flowers is a much easier task when you only buy white roses. / Via

Red roses can sod off. NEXT.

6. Saving the need to prepare a packed lunch for school by simply surviving off chip naans from the neighbouring chippie.

It's called carb-loading, duh.


9. Avoiding ever really showing your true emotions by calling the people you actually have feelings for the most offensive terms you can.

British terms of endearment 1. Wally 2. Berk 3. Plonker 4. Daft sod 5. Idiot 6. Pillock 7. Plank 8.

I love thee, yer daft prick.


13. Avoiding the need for small talk by simply using "alright" as a full conversation.

Yorkshire: where "alright" is a greeting, question and answer.

Alright. Alright? Alright.

15. Being able to use random farm animals as a legit excuse for being late.

Happy Yorkshire Day everyone. Here's a pic a friend of mine got just recently. #lambsontroad #growingupyorkshire

See also, tractors.

16. Taking your slippers round to your mate's house for a night in. / Via

Why don't you slip into something more comfortable?


18. Making that pub experience last beyond chucking-out time with takeaway beer. / Via

Because 11pm shouldn't mean you have to stop drinking.

20. Just completely omitting the word "the" from your vocabulary.

People parodying Yorkshire people always say t' for the. But that's wrong, we don't bother with the word at all #yorkshireproblems

There you go, that's one word you don't have to figure into your Twitter character count.