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16 Reasons The Addams Family Is The Best Family Ever

They're creepy and they're kooky and they give you squad goals.

1. Morticia and Gomez have been together forever and they're still madly in love.

Orion Pictures / Via

2. They're a bit debauched, but in a fun way.

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3. Their family gatherings are the best.

Orion Pictures / Via

Now you tell me this doesn't look like a party.

4. Morticia and Gomez sure know how to dance.

Orion Pictures / Via

5. Is your extended family this interesting?


Who doesn't love the glossy mane of cousin it?

6. Gomez and Fester are the closest brothers ever.

Orion Pictures / Via

7. Gomez always makes time to give Fester dating advice.

Orion Pictures

8. They know how to keep it real.

Orion Pictures / Via

9. Wednesday has a pretty sound attitude towards dating.

10. Morticia always prioritizes Wednesday's education.

Orion Pictures / Via

11. Morticia and Wednesday give us some serious mother daughter goals.

12. And Wednesday and Pugsley give us sibling goals.

Orion Pictures / Via

They always look out for each other.

13. When Morticia showed us the struggles of being a modern woman.

Orion Pictures / Via

You just keep trying to have it all, Tish.

14. They know the importance of good food.

Orion Pictures / Via

15. They stand up for each other.

Orion Pictures / Via

Such squad goals here.

16. They're all just so in sync.

Are the Addams family the best family ever?

Yes. Yes they are.

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