Here Are 7 Specific Examples Why There Will Never Be A Film That Is Better Than "Twilight: New Moon"

    A look into why New Moon is the perfect sad girl summer watch.

    While we dust off our team Edward & Jacob t-shirts due to Twilight's recent pop culture resurgence, I believe society is finally ready for my Twilight manifesto: why Twilight: New Moon is the ultimate sad girl movie.

    It truly brings me comfort...

    1. Bella has a dream she is a literal grandma on her 18th birthday.

    2. Jasper goes full rabid over one drop of Bella’s blood.

    3. The "months passing" scene...

    4. Bella almost dies at least three times and is still the main character.

    5. New Moon is Taylor Lautner’s time to shine.

    6. Edward's answer to thinking Bella is dead is to literally die.

    7. Last but not least, this line happens: "Bella! Where the hell have you been, loca?"

    Is New Moon your ultimate comfort film as well? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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