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The 7 Cutest Kittens On The Internet That Kim Didn't Save From Tragic Deaths

So adorable!!! And... so tragic... thanks to the inaction of one Kim who shall remain nameless.

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1. Mr. Sprinkles met his end when he managed to climb onto an open window sill and fell three stories onto the pavement. If only Kim had been there to shut the window...

Cedric Goffinet / Via

2. Tomcat Bombadil loved to sing and dance, much like his namesake. Unfortunately one day, his movements drew the attention of a hungry red-tailed hawk circling overhead. Kim could've frightened the predator off, if she cared enough to be there...

Eskipaper / Via

3. Captain Jeor Meowmant loved two things: watching Game of Thrones and ingesting chemicals that were lying around the house. (Note: rat poison is also cat poison.) Farewell Meowmant, your watch has ended, since Kim wasn't there to watch what you ate...

Wendy Robbins / Via

4. Everyone loves videos of dogs and cats being best friends. Sadly for Bubbles von Snoot, the rottweiler next door could only express himself through violence and interspecial necrophilia. Maybe next time, you can take a break from Twin Peaks and keep an eye out for danger, eh Kim?

5. Lady Penelope was loved by her owner, but not by her owner's sons. They put her in a box with some firecrackers and laughed as she howled. Lady Penelope survived the endeavor, but died slowly of cancer a year later. Really Kim? Even Lady Penelope?? Can't you even try?

Instagram: @aurorapurr / Via

6. Science can't fully explain what happened to Marbles the All-Questioning. All we know is one minute MAQ was sleeping in the corner, and the next he was gone, leaving behind a ring of soot and the smell of burning furr. What, Kim? Was he not worthy of saving from spontaneous combustion??

7. Unlike the others, Whiskers lived a boring life with a boring family. Due to the surrounding boredom, Whiskers learned how to fashion a noose out of hair on YouTube and took his own life. Kim could've spiced Whiskers' life up or at least monitored his search history... if she had cared more...

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