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It's no secret that BuzzFeed quizzes are magic. We can guess everything about you — give it a try!

Order A Burger And We'll Accurately Guess Your Age

What if I only eat McDonald's?

This Yes Or No Quiz Will Reveal Where You'll Be Six Months From Now

We're all changing and morphing into something new.

Your Food Combination Opinions Will Reveal The Color Of Your Aura

Yes, these two things do have a scientific correlation.

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This Fast-Food Quiz Will Determine What Dog Breed You Are

Believe in the power of the burger.

Which Iconic Inanimate Object From "Friends" Are You Really?

Are you the Central Perk couch or Joey and Chandler's foosball table?

This Playlist Quiz Will Reveal If You're A Millennial Or Gen Z'er

It's time to curate the perfect playlist.

Promise You Won't Freak Out When We Correctly Guess Your Relationship Status?

Are you in a relationship, single, or is it complicated?

Which Decade Do You Really Belong In?

Are you more of an Ariana Grande or a Golden Girl?

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