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12 Reasons You Need QuizUp In Your Life Right Now

Question! What is the only trivia application that tests you on hundreds of categories, allows you to play people around the world, and lets you explore a community of similar interests? If you answered "QuizUp," YOU ARE CORRECT!

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1. Because quizzing on stuff you actually love is just way more fun.

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2. Because QuizUp caters to every interest.

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3. Because breaking the ice has never been less creepy.

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4. Because you might find your soulmate there.

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5. Because it's the best kind of bathroom entertainment.

@QuizUp It's cool how you designed your game to last exactly as long as it takes me to poop.

6. Because correctly guessing an answer makes you want to dance.

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7. Because even losers can feel accomplished.

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8. Because you’re literally challenging the ENTIRE world! Yup, even the Vatican!

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9. Because surpassing your rival on the last question feels like heaven.


10. Because what else would you do at the opera?

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11. Because, let’s be honest, you live for getting likes.

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12. And because it takes winning to a whole new level.

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Nothing says victory more than confetti.

Become a part of the confetti action now!

Download QuizUp now to test your knowledge in hundreds of different topics, compete against users from around the world, and build communities with people that share your interests.