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11 Pieces Of Trivia That Will Get You Out Of Any Awkward Situation

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2. When it's extremely quiet, and your stomach starts making unflattering noises.

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You know that "Is he hungry?" or "Is he gassy?" kind of rumbling. The kind of rumbling where you have to cough to cover up the sound? Damn you, borborygmus...damn you!!

3. When you're stuck in the handshake/fist bump/hug limbo, and there's no way of getting out.

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If handshakes are vital to first impressions, there's no recovery from this odd purgatory of awkwardness.

6. When you realize you accidentally hit "reply all" to 500+ employees about an HR problem/your work crush/[insert other humiliating topic here].

7. When you miss the last step on a set of stairs, trip over a phantom rock, or just fall in general.

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