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12 Reasons Toasted Sandwiches Are The Only Sandwiches You Need

All the other sandwiches are toast.

1. Don't you love a cold, soggy sandwich?

2. Would you dunk a spongy, cold, untoasted sandwich into hot tomato soup?

3. How could you not like melty cheese?

4. Have you ever craved a cold meatball sub?

5. Bread is better with a light crisp to it.

6. Nobody has ever been gleefully offered a "nice cold meal."

7. And nothing is appetizing about the words "Dinner is fresh out of the fridge."

8. Let's be real: Which one looks better?

9. Bacon is so much better cold, right?

10. You cook your meat... Why not add some of that heat to your sandwich?

11. Aren't some questions meant to be rhetorical?

12. And finally, what's not to like about a toasty sandwich?

Sandwiches are better toasted; it's fact. Get your toasted-sandwich fix today at Quiznos.