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luckyquizzes⭐️ 8 days ago

Which Kpop Group Is Better? Finals ✨

Are boy groups or girl groups better? Vote now! The winning groups’ fandom will receive a prize...

luckyquizzes⭐️ 11 days ago

Which Kpop Group Is Better Poll Semi Final🌟

Choose out of the top 5 voted groups from the last poll. The top 2 will compete in the final.

luckyquizzes⭐️ 13 days ago

Which Kpop Group Is Better Poll- Round 1

Come and join the first round of voting. The top 5 voted groups will be voted in the next poll. Make your group noticed, as based on the winning group in the finals, I will create a which member are you quiz in the group! Good luck!

luckyquizzes⭐️ 14 days ago
luckyquizzes⭐️ 17 days ago

Design A School Uniform And I Will Reveal What You Will Study In University

Design your ideal school uniform, and I will tell you what you will study in university. Are you all for convenience, or would you like to go all out on bright colours and unique trimming. Also gives a bit of info about your personality!

luckyquizzes⭐️ 5 months ago
luckyquizzes⭐️ 5 months ago

Make Choices And I Will Tell You If You Have A Crush

Watermelon or guava? Choose out of pairs of choices and I will guess if you have a crush on somebody. All true!

luckyquizzes⭐️ 5 months ago

Tick Off All The Things You Remember And I Will Guess When You Were Born

Are you a millennial or were you born in the age of electronics? What if you’re actually an alien from the future?

luckyquizzes⭐️ 5 months ago