31 Unbelievable Robots That Totally Deserve To Steal Your Job

Robots are about to get you fired. But let’s face it, that’s because they’re so much better at your job than you are.

1. Geneva airport has a robot concierge

2. Here’s another one in London – look how happy it makes people

Half of the US workforce could be replaced by machines by 2033 according to an Oxford University study.

3. Rosie got a hospital job because she has a better attitude than you

Did you see all her smiley face stickers?

A forthcoming paper from Stuart Elliott, a visiting fellow at the OECD, puts the number of jobs at risk to robots at more like 80 per cent.

4. You can probably still get a job as a barber for the moment

On the other hand:
The bulk of office and administrative support workers… are at risk
Osborne & Frey, 2013

5. Baxter’s got stacking these K’NEX toys nailed

6. Anyway, let’s face it, watching these robots do factory work is much more interesting than lending a hand

7. Do you really want to stack 400 pancakes a minute?

8. The next generation of robots will be even smaller and faster

These things are amazing

9. Frankly, the robots just look like they’re having much more fun doing your old job than you ever did

10. These warehouse robots from Kiva (bought by Amazon in 2012) even dance together after work

11. These little guys can get down Gangnam Style

12. The sad truth is, mass-produced robots will probably soon be better at most of your leisure pursuits than you are

13. Ok, he wins this round

But look how they gang up on him at the end…

14. And if you need a drink, there’s another robot that can help

15. But these robot chefs don’t want you in their kitchen

16. And don’t let me get started on the robot butchers

Whatever you do, don’t picket the robot butchers.

17. They have many double-sided blades

18. You don’t want to get this guy annoyed either

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/58018004.

19. Or this one

20. But it’s ok, creative professions like the performing arts will be safe

Oh, wait

21. Can you play 78-finger guitar like Z-Machines?

22. They’re getting better at drawing, too

23. Did we also mention they can fly?

24. They’re way nicer to old people than you

25. The march of the robots has been going on for years

Think about it. About 80 per cent of us used to work on farms. All of those jobs disappeared without the world ending.

26. Let the robots sort the towels…

27. Drive the cars…

28. Flip the cheese…

29. And make more robots…

30. While we concentrate on inventing more uses for this amazing, revolutionary technology

31. This guy promises it’ll all be ok

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