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    "Happy As Wednesday": The Vault

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    July 6 β€” "Happy As Wednesday: #13"

    Ashly Perez

    Inside: Talking about individuality, and pics from VidCon.

    "So protect your individuality. Whether it serves one hundred people or just you... it's important."

    June 22 β€” "Happy As Wednesday: #12"

    Quinta Brunson

    Inside: My trip to Hawaii, female musicians, and learning to relax.

    "Being in the grind of work and the bustle of L.A. had taken a toll on me the past three years. Pushing my feet to the concrete daily, I spend most time working and worrying about how to make a better tomorrow for myself and others. I thoroughly enjoy my work and my life, but everyone needs rest."

    June 8 β€” "Happy As Wednesday: #11"

    Quinta Brunson

    Inside: A random stream of consciousness and my favorite pics from the week.

    "You know what. I love to vacuum. It's just one of my favorite things to do. I would offer to vacuum your home, but I don't know you. I mean...I'll think about it."

    May 25 β€” "Happy As Wednesday: #10"

    Quinta Brunson

    Inside: Chance the Rapper, my cat Jack, and some simple meditation.

    "n an effort to relax myself and give my brain a bit of a chill pill, I've been engaging in morning meditation...and by engaging I mean I tried it for the first time this morning. I did ten minutes of clearing my mind and bussing out some "omms." It really helped."

    May 11 β€” "Happy As Wednesday: #9"


    Inside: The Larry Wilmore Show, Newfronts, and Captain America.

    "To end things off, I leave you guys with one of my favorite quotes in the world from Men In Black:

    '1,500 years ago, everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe. 500 years ago, everybody knew the Earth was flat, and 15 minutes ago, you knew that humans were alone on this planet. Imagine what you’ll know tomorrow.'"

    April 27 β€” "Happy As Wednesday: #8"

    Quinta Brunson

    Inside: An interview with my dad, my music corner, and things I'm excited about.

    "[Prince] is an artist I love, and his existence was important for a person like me to create."

    April 15 β€” "Guess Who's Giving You A Newsletter On A Friday? This G."

    Quinta Brunson

    Inside: The Shorty Awards, The Nightly Show, and a show at the University of Houston.

    "Enjoy life, my friends."

    March 30 β€” "Happy As Wednesday: #6"

    Quinta Brunson

    Inside: Things on my desk and the lyrics to one of my favorite songs.

    "A fan sent me this mechanical duck. It's so freaking silly, and I'm going to keep it forever. Why is it mechanical? It's Me-quack-ical! HA!"

    March 16 β€” "Happy As Wednesday: #5"

    Quinta Brunson

    Inside: My favorite TV shows, some other things I'm consuming, and Zootopia.

    "My first time seeing an episode of The Office in full was after the Super Bowl (XLIII to be exact: Steelers vs. Cardinals)."

    March 2 β€” "It's The Newsletter, Baby"

    Quinta Brunson

    Inside: My favorite children's books, some cool projects by friends, and Snapchat.

    "Here's what I learned from this book: if you believe it, you can make it so."

    February 17 β€” "It's Wednesday, And It's Time For A Newsletter"

    Quinta Brunson

    Inside: My favorite albums of all time and some behind-the-scenes pics from Broke.

    "These albums are wonderful listens, and have all influenced my way of life greatly. I find them all to be timeless and good for the soul."

    February 3 β€” "It's Me Again!"

    Quinta Brunson

    Inside: A poem about kissing, some of my favorite art, and an interview in Nylon.

    "This study shows that kissing someone who doesn't want to be kissed is almost always fatal."

    January 20 β€” "Hey, It's Quinta"

    Quinta Brunson

    Inside: A poem, cool things from my friends, and a wedding season throwback.

    "Thanks for signing up for my newsletter.

    I hope this thing really makes you feel better."