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7 Reasons Jersey Shore's DJ Pauly D Proved He'll Make A Great Dad

It was only a matter of time before a future guido or guidette was born out of a sloppy one-night smush, and it's finally happened. Welcome to fatherhood, Pauly!

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1. He's not afraid to show his emotions when it comes to friends

And by "friends," of course that means Vinny.

2. He's just a small-town boy with small-town values...



It's up for debate.

3. He appreciates other languages

A regular Rosetta Stone.

4. He takes personal safety very seriously

5. He's very passionate…about some things

6. When it comes to geography, he's exceptionally gifted

7. Not to mention, the dictionary pretty much states he'd be the coolest of dads

Just look it up, okay?

So, best of luck Pauly! Enjoy your new, precious meatball!

Yeah. Wear a condom next time, buddy.

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