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    Joining G-Phi (As Told By 19 GIFs)

    It's official. You're in a sorority. You never imagined yourself as a "sorority girl." But then again, what the hell is a "sorority girl" to be imagined as anyways?! Stop pigeonholing us society! (Sorry tangent). The point is: you're here now, and maybe you didn't expect that. Well, here are some thoughts, experiences, and feelings you can expect. Brace yo'self.

    1. Goodbye previously accepted personal boundaries...

    Starting with Bid Day, these "boundaries" are a thing of the past. Get ready for girls high-fiving you, hugging you, lifting you, and sitting on your lap because your dinner table is too crowded now.

    2. Oh yeah, that's a senior saying "hello" to me on campus.

    You can officially stop pretending to text while you walk to class. Instead, you get to feel like hot shit strolling around campus-- maybe not Queen Bey, but like, Princess Bey.

    3. When can I get that GPhi tank top? And backpack? And sweatshirt? And fanny pack?

    Feel that inside? That's that GPhi pride! You're going to want to rep the girls and the crescent moon all the time now.

    Pro tip: the plethora of sweatshirts makes it very easy to bum it to class.

    4. Oooh, hello sister-frands in my class

    Isn't it nice not having to scramble for friends? Or worse yet, not having to taciturnly sit in the corner? Well, nobody puts (GPhi) baby in the corner! When you enter a classroom, or dining facility, or library, you're almost guaranteed to lock eyes with a girl in your sorority.

    5. Wait, these are not what I imagined sorority girls would be like…

    So maybe you realized it during recruitment, or maybe you're just realizing it now, but you can tell these are not your stereotypical srat stars. They are weird. They chew more than they breathe. And their ratio of gym clothes usage to normal clothes usage is 5:2.

    6. And I feel ridiculous snapping.

    Seriously, why not utilize clapping if we're trying to make some noise? Or if we're trying to be quiet, why not that two finger golf clap? This just seems like a tacky medium.

    7. Am I the only one getting 10+ sorority emails a day?

    GPhi daily emails, HQ emails, Girls On The Run emails, facebook notifications, GIN notifications, GroupMe messages-- get ready to feel popular.

    Oh yeah, and we do have post on Sundays. Sorry, Uncle Vernon.

    8. I’m volunteering... and it’s not to fluff a college application...

    It's okay. We all acted like saints to get attention from colleges. The only difference now is you get to volunteer with your sisters, you enjoy it, and you don't have to overstate service hours like you did with NHS.

    9. Okay. I could get used to snapping.

    Admit it. Just three weeks in, and it's already growing on you. SISTA SNAPS.

    10. This Greek Week thing is intense...

    When you're as competitive as us, Greek Week is not some frivolous past time. Greek Week is life. Now stop looking at the person beside you to copy the next dance move because THAT IS NOT PERFECTION.

    11. I NEED to be on the G-Phi powderpuff team.

    Because I’m a winner-- dammit!

    You probably heard of the legendary GPhi Ballers during recruitment. Well, they're worth the hype. If you want to be on this A-list team, "do you even lift bro?" needs to be a rhetorical question.

    12. There is always something to do now.

    From Mom's Weekend to social events to philanthropic activities, you do not need to worry about boredom anymore.


    And you thought binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy was keeping you busy.

    From Mom's Weekend to social events to philanthropic activities to tabling to sisterhood retreats to homework to weekly meetings, you miiight need to worry about time management. Get a planner so you're not Steve-Harvey-level confused.

    14. But hey, I’m always invited.

    No more desperately texting that one girl you know who knows about all the parties. Now you have your go-to gals who are down for Netflix 'n' Chilled Icecream or hitting the town.

    15. Wait, I’m being super weird… and they like me more for it!

    Like I said earlier, these are not your typical srat stars. You'll soon realize that you can abandon all the pretenses you may have had up this past Fall semester. These girls like you for the real you. So be authentically weird as hell.

    16. These girls love food as much as me!

    ...So you better hightail it to the food table at whatever event you go to. These girls are not hesitant about gorging on donuts, 'Potle, In-N-Out, Fat Sal's, etc. So if you think you can casually meander towards the food-- think again.

    17. And they have their priorities straight!

    It's a relief running into a fellow foodie in such a healthy city, but, in all seriousness, these girls have other great ambitions and priorities beyond their stomachs. You will talk to girls with 4.0's. You will talk to girls that have already taken the MCAT, the LSAT, or the GRE. You will talk to girls that have interned for Congress, the Department of State, Fox Sports, Coca Cola.

    In short, you will talk to girls that are passionate, intelligent, and hungry-- not just for food.

    18. I never knew these girls would mean so much to me.

    Coming into this, "sister" seemed like such a strong word to you. But just wait. These girls will grow from associates, to acquaintances, to friends, to best friends, all the way to sisters-- before you can ask your mom: "Why didn't you tell me I had a fraternal twin?!"

    19. And I don’t want to let a love like this go.

    Yeah, you'll be busy. And you'll have to read your emails instead of chucking them to trash. But the people who are right by your side, feeling everything you're feeling, are what keep you in it. You've stumbled upon some rare ladies, and you want them in your life forever. You want to be a part of this community forever.

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