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    • Quinley

      Good Lord, people. With all the wailing about partisan hit jobs and who’s political future might be jeopardized, some pretty important questions are being shoved under the rug. Like:
      1. Where was Obama and Hillary and Panetta for the seven hours that this was going on? I assume the Situation Room is more than just a cool hangout for showing off to your Hollywood Homies during fund-raising drives. Our consulate was under attack and our people were fighting for their lives. Where was the C-in-C? Was he even paying attention?
      2. Who actually made the decisions that cost our people their lives? Apparently, it wasn’t Obama or Hillary or Panetta, because every time the finger points their way, someone pipes up and insists they knew nothing about it. Think about that. The President, Secretary of State and Sec Defense had no say in how much security was provided before, during, or after an attack on one of our consulates. They had no direct involvement in our response to the battle and have no control over our country’s inability to hold the perpetrators accountable. Okay. If that’s true, than who exactly is running this country? If someone besides the President, SecState, and SecDef are running our government and our military, I think the American people deserve to know their names and hold them accountable.
      3. The decision not to send help was predicated on not being able to get relief there in time. We now know the battle raged for 20 hours. Are we seriously telling our enemies that if they want to attack us, all they have to do is look around, see where the military is stationed and calculate how long it will take for relief to get there? If it’s more than, what, 8 hours, you’re good to go? Seriously? What sort of a message does this send to our troops and foreign service people? Are we saying if you’re outside of some arbitrary perimeter, you guys are on your own?
      4. Where are the rest of the consulate survivors? If anyone is in a position to know what happened that night, the people who were there would. What did they see/do/hear/know — before/during/after the attack and their rescue? It was a small consulate in a troubled area of the world. Anyone who has ever worked in an office knows there is little going on that escapes the notice of fellow co-workers. People TALK. They talk to each other, they talk to associates, they talk to family and friends. You mean to tell me that in 20 hours of attack, there wasn’t one person with a cellphone who didn’t make a call, take a picture, send out an SOS? And afterwards, once they were safely out of Libya, what did they have to say about the run-up to the attack? What was going on at the consulate? What did they hear from their buddies locally — and yes, people who worked at the consulate would have established contacts/friendships. The media will spend the next month interviewing and analyzing and drooling over every salacious detail of the Cleveland kidnapping case and the Jodi Arias conviction, but can’t be bothered finding out why on the 11th Anniversary of 9/11, at practically the epicenter of anti-American jihadist-driven hatred, we couldn’t anticipate an attack on our people, didn’t know what to do if one happened, and didn’t have resources at the ready to respond as needed. Those are pretty big failings, I don’t care who you blame.
      5. Now that we know (and indeed, clearly knew from the beginning) that the video had nothing to do with the attack, why is a scapegoated web weenie still in jail for a crime he didn’t commit? Oh, yeah, I know. He had some parole violation or other. Swell. In a country where murderers and rapists are being released early from prisons because we don’t have the space, money, or interest in holding them any longer, we’re going to continue to incarcerate a non-violent small-time perp for a crime he didn’t commit. Way to go, judicial system! I feel totally reassured giving up my 2nd Amendment rights to these people. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty more questions that need to be asked and, frankly, the most important part of the equation is not how this affects Obama’s or Hillary’s popularity. The two of them are like a couple of vain, controlling, narcissistic Mean Girls, forever filtering their actions through the prism of their own ego-centrism. Pathetic. Predictable. Irrelevant. Bottom line: There was a huge breakdown in security and communications from the highest levels of our government and all the media wants to do is shout “SQUIRREL” and run the other way. Are there no adults left in this country?

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