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    Ranking All The Vacations I've Been On, From Below-Average To Amazing!

    From bustling Cities to serene National Parks!

    Here's a ranking of my favorite vacations. I've given each a letter grade and a description below each location!

    New York City: D

    new york city skyline
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    This famous city had some fun activities, but ultimately was overcrowded and congested. I would say that the Big Apple failed to live up to its reputation.

    (The Statue of Liberty was closed at the time of my visit, so I am unable to fairly judge this portion.)

    Travel Tip: Stay away from the beaten path by checking out less-visited locations.

    Niagara Falls: D

    giant waterfall of niagara falls
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    While the falls themselves were beautiful, there was not much to do in the surrounding area. I would consider the trip overall forgettable.

    Travel tip: Bring a poncho, because the most interesting activities involve getting wet!

    Chicago: D

    chicago skyline
    Getty Images

    Apart from Chicago's rich history and arts, the city's traffic and environment was exhausting.

    Travel Tip: Stay in a place where you can access every experience by foot.

    Washington D.C.: C

    us capitol building
    Getty Images

    The Capital of the US is a place full of history and packed with signature sights. However, if history is not your niche, there are not a lot of other activities for you to do.

    Travel Tip: Taking a paddle boat across the Tidal Basin is a nice way to experience the Jefferson Monument.

    Hilton Head Island: C

    trees surrounded by beaches and water
    Getty Images

    (My family has a tradition of going to the beach every other year. I have scored Hilton Head Island based on the place itself, and not by the people I enjoy it with.)

    This island contains a pretty, although crowded, beach and a cute town. A vacation to Hilton Head Island is enjoyable, and ultimately average.

    Travel Tip: To avoid crowds and view crabs, schedule your lunch earlier or later than noon.

    Hocking Hills State Park: B

    water basins and rocks
    Getty Images

    This underrated destination in my lovely home state of Ohio is a great spot for a weekend getaway. Weather you are into hiking and ziplining, relaxing spas, or a bit of both, Hocking Hills has it. The Park's wooded Amish country is quaint and beautiful.

    Travel Tip: I would strongly recommend staying the night in a deluxe treehouse in Hocking Hills.

    Walt Disney World: B

    cinderellas castle in disney world
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    (I went to Disney before the addition of the Star Wars and Pandora areas, so the score does not include them.)

    With friendly princesses, rides of varying intensity, and delicious Mickey Bars, what's not to love? There may not be much of interest for adolescents and single adults, but for young travelers, Disney is truly one of the happiest places on Earth.

    Travel Tip: If it is within your budget, a Fast Pass is crucial to full enjoyment of the park.

    Grand Canyon National Park, plus Sedona: A

    the grand canyon and desert
    Getty Images

    Grand Canyon National Park is unbelievably beautiful, and filled to the brim with adventures for every level of athletics and commitment. Stopping at Sedona on the way is a perfect chance to do some hiking in a less crowded area.

    Travel Tip: Don't feed the squirrels, however tempting it may be!

    Universal Studios: A

    universal studios giant sculpture
    Getty Images

    If you are a fan of Harry Potter and other Universal productions, Universal is the place where it all comes alive! With rides of varying intensity, entertaining shows, and extreme attention to detail, Universal makes a great group or solo vacation.

    Travel Tip: Butterbeer-flavored ice cream and drinks are just as delicious as the Harry Potter books claim!

    Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks: A+

    gigantic spring at yellowstone park
    Getty Images

    The mountains of Grand Teton are the most beautiful place I have ever been. The hikes are breath-taking, and there is tons of wildlife. Its neighbor Yellowstone is packed full with sci-fi-looking geysers, abundant wildlife, and beautiful drives. It is my opinion that every person should experience the beauty of these parks if they have the opportunity.

    Travel Tip: Bring along bear spray, and research what to do if you encounter an animal. Attacks are rare, but it is best to be prepared for all scenarios.

    Bonus Section: Skiing

    person skiing down mountain of snow
    Getty Images

    Skiing is a fantastic sport that combines thrilling slopes with the beauty of the mountains. I have been to Winter Park, Deer Valley, And Big Sky.

    Travel Tip: Adjust to your skill level. Research which resort to go to, consider investing in a ski trainer, and stay safe while taking appropriate risks.

    That's all for now! Have a blessed day and stay curious!

    Stock photo of big plane before landing, flying in blue sky.
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