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    Ranking All The Vacations I've Been On, From Below-Average To Amazing!

    From bustling Cities to serene National Parks!

    Here's a ranking of my favorite vacations. I've given each a letter grade and a description below each location!

    New York City: D

    new york city skyline

    Niagara Falls: D

    giant waterfall of niagara falls

    Chicago: D

    chicago skyline

    Washington D.C.: C

    us capitol building

    Hilton Head Island: C

    trees surrounded by beaches and water

    Hocking Hills State Park: B

    water basins and rocks

    Walt Disney World: B

    cinderellas castle in disney world

    Grand Canyon National Park, plus Sedona: A

    the grand canyon and desert

    Universal Studios: A

    universal studios giant sculpture

    Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks: A+

    gigantic spring at yellowstone park

    Bonus Section: Skiing

    person skiing down mountain of snow

    That's all for now! Have a blessed day and stay curious!

    Stock photo of big plane before landing, flying in blue sky.